Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Hands Craft

As much as I love being creative and crafty… I’m a novice to the scene. I’m slowly learning the world of sewing and learning new techniques in crafting.
Here are a few things I’ve done recently that I would say I’m pretty proud of!
This is a Wall Decal I made with inspiration from Meg of Decor it Yourself on ThreadBanger

Click Here for Footage
Thanks Meg! You're the best!

This is my first attempt at stenciling a shirt. I made it for my friend Amy's birthday. She loves Moons!
I traced the picture on some binding cover material with a fine black sharpie and cut out the pieces with an Xacto knife.
My boyfriend helped me hold down the stencil while I sponge painted it with white fabric paint.
I couldn 't think of an easier way to do that sooo... the boyfriends hands will do for now!
Oh yes... he was also responsible for the blow drying! He's so helpful like that!
*(I think he secretly loves this stuff)*

The Craft in Me

Sooo I figure I would start out by introducing myself and my love for making things! My name is Nicole, superh2ogirl on the web.

I started crafting when I was… a wee little thing. I’ve always been interested in arts and crafting and sewing and putting things together. I lost my knack for it in the last few years… the life of a 20- something year old can be distracting. Working, dating, partying, socializing. There hadn’t been much time to use that side of the brain very often.

My creativity came back to life when I was browsing the web and came across this AWESOME DIY Jeans – turned - purse tutorial which I found on Thanks to threadbanger I was inspired to get back into my groove.

So now that I have sort of settled down (more like shacking up with my WONDERFUL boyfriend) I have set up my own little space and am making time to do what I love.

I got the name for my blog “craft my soul” one day out of nowhere… crafting being my inspiration. It just came to me… I like to think I am crafting my own life and crafting my soul.

One of my goals is to make all of my Christmas gifts this year… the procrastinator that I am… I haven’t even started yet but I’m on a mission to get it done and make all of my future gifts handmade!
So join me on my journey in life and in crafting. Hope you enjoy!