Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 - A memorable year it has been!

Oh what a great year 2010 has been!


March of Dimes
Participated in the March of Dimes walk in celebration of my
neice Samantha and Sister Bella who were both born prematurely

Visited Miami
The weather was mostly perfect
Our company was GREAT!
The Nautica Triathalon was quite inspiring
(I seriously contemplated training for a triathalon)
The food was goood but expensive!


Jessica's Bubbly Bitches Bachelorette Cruise
Had the most amazing time with some amazing gals!
Had matching shirts and accessories!
My roomates were the best!
Met some cool and crazy people!
Ate some great food!
Danced my butt off in Mexico at the $20 all you can drink bar

Buck-Donoho Wedding
Green River Golf Club
Beautiful ceremony
Jessica looked absolutely gorgeous!
Tom looked smitten!
Great food! Great table! Great fun!


Family trip to Vegas
Brought my Sista from anotha motha with me
Met my Aunts and Uncles there
Had some dinner with the fam
Got ghetto with the Aunts and Uncles at the hotel club with some crazy vegas act
Tori was there with her friends to celebrate Birthday's
Met up with them to whoop it up at the club
Had a blast hanging out by the pool with Isabella and Samantha

Los Angeles Arthritis Walk
Team Katie's Joint Effort
We all raised over $1000 towards the cause


Herrera Wedding
My little sister got married!
See the original post and poem here


Back to school
Took a huge step in my life and went back to school
It was definitely a little more overwhelming than I thought it would be
Luckily I scored some amazing professors!
Intimidating at first but fabulous teachers... FABULOUS!


Mendoza-Bobadilla Wedding

I was not surprised that this wedding was incredibly beautiful
I was also not surprised that the Bride's crafty capabilities shined through!
The bride was stunning!
The music was great and the dancing was fun.

Toga Toga Toga
My good friends and my love threw a surprise Birthday toga party for me


My newphew turned 1
We visited him on his Birthday for a little dessert
He enjoyed the sweet chocolatey delight
He had fun opening his presents!
They really lit up his adorable face

Got engaged!
The love of my life proposed on our 4 year anniversary

First Oktoberfest
I surprised Carlos for his Birthday with Oktoberfest
It was our first time and we had a blast!
Everyone had their groovy stines
Carlos had the largest stine
We danced, sang, drank, and ate!


Little sis turned 5
My little miracle baby sister turned 5 this year
Who would have thought my little 1.7 oz newborn baby sis would grow up to be such an amazing kid so far!
She's come a long way and we thank God everyday for her

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I'm engaged!

My good friend Sue reminded me that I need to let the blog world know about an exciting event that happened a few weeks ago.

Here it is...

I'm engaged!
We're engaged!

The love of my life proposed to me with family present on Friday, October 22, 2010

He took me to a beautiful restaurant on the hill for our 4th anniversary
Dinner was lovely...
We went out to the patio to sit by the fire and enjoy the beautiful view of Orange County

He finally allowed me to open my "anniversary present" box
and just as I'm about to open it, I see our family creep in on us
He grabbed the box from my hand and proposed!
I cried happy tears

The evening was beautiful
and it was especially beautiful because our families got to witness it happen
I loved that they were present

Here are the highlights

I played a little trick on him before we left the house. I got all ready to go in this lovely sequince dress, walked out of the room and said... "Okay baby I'm ready!"
He LOVES me so much that he said "that's nice baby" and I turned around and pretended to do something to keep my composure. He politely asked "where'd you get it?" I couldn't take it anymore and told him "gotcha!"
He then proceeded to tell me how horrible it was! Totally hilarious and memorable!

The sunset on our way up to the restaurant

In shock!
Of course I said Yes!

The family all there with us on our special celebration

and of course the most gorgeous engagement ring!

I can't wait to call this wonderful man my husband soon!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Tutorial - Nautical Anchor Photo Frame

This is not a great tutorial at all but the project came out super cute and I love it! (I'm still working on my tutorial abilities!)

I have been loving Nautical junk for a while now and decided to decorate my bathroom nautical style! It all started when my friend Tori bought me these adorable nautical frames and I couldn't figure out where the heck to put them! So I stuck them on my bathroom shelf and decided to make it my theme!
I also found this GREAT lifesaver thingy at Homegood's on clearance for $3.00! What a great find!

Now onto the tutorial

Optional: Rockyroad Ice Cream while crafting (tee hee!)
Old picture frame
Tacky Glue or modge podge
Rope (any size)
scrapbooking paper or construction paper
optional: Spraypaint
optional: little embellishments like jewelry pieces that resemble treasure or anything that stands out

Gotta have some Rocky Road ice cream while crafting!

1. Start by removing the glass or plastic from the frame so you don't get any glue or paint on it.
I had actually already spray painted the frame gold prior to this project. You can paint it... or not!

2. Take your glue and squeeze or brush a little glue strip along the top of the frame

3. Grab your rope and start wrapping it around the border of the frame. Glue and wrap and glue and wrap.

4. Once you have completely finished covering the front of the frame with glue and rope let it dry for a few hours or overnight as I did.

5. Find a nautical template online that you can use to trace onto a piece or scrapbooking or construction paper.
I used an anchor.

6. Print the template on cardstock or something firm if you have it.
If not you can also free-hand the template onto the paper you will be using.

7. Trace the template onto your paper and cut it out. I used double sided scrapbooking paper and used the stars for the background and the opposite brown side for the anchor. Tape the anchor onto your background paper.

8. Put the glass/plastic back into the frame and put your scrapbook paper on the glass/plastic face down and close your frame.

9. Grab some jewelry pieces or rhinestones or anything for embellishment. I had these nautical jewelry pieces I bought on sale at Michael's and used those. I was saving them for something and  I KNEW I would need them for a good reason!
10. Glue your embellishments wherever you prefer. I have a more of a uniform way of doing things so I put a little in every corner.

11. Give yourself a pat on the back for creating such a fabulous piece of art work!

Thanks for checking out my tutorial!

Friday, October 15, 2010

MIA and not loving it

I started this blog in 2007 thinking I would actually put it to good use.... I was off and on and off and on with random posts every few months. I thought I could get back on track with it in 2010 but school and work and boyfriend and friends and homework and everything else has really consumed me. Mostly school and work. There's just not enough time in the day and it stinks!

Hopefully I will be back in the blogging groove soon!

Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Undiscovered Thursday's - Photography

Hey readers! I hope life is swell for you!

It's Undiscovered Thursday's here at Craft My Soul

This time around I tried to focus on one specific kind of undiscovered shop - Photography!

Here are 3 must-see undiscovered shops. Hope you adore them as much as I!

Pink looking trees and a lonely bird sitting on a wire... breathtaking

Ummm... I just like it okay!
But really there's just something about DeadSound's photo's that intrigue me.
Come one... me pass up a guy with a pumkin on his head? yah right!

Need I say more?

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What I Love Wednesday's - Anthro inspired tutorials

What I Love Wednesday's
Anthropologie-inspired clothing tutorials

My latest obsession is finding Anthropologie-inspired clothing tutorials from my fellow crafter's

Here are some amazing tutorials I've been dying to try!
tatortots & jello's Anthro-inspired "Tu Tu" shirt tutorial is ballerina cute!
Adventure's in Dressmaking turned a holy shirt into a shabby chic patchwork beauty!
See the tutorial here


It is corsage-tastic!


The combination of fabrics she used for the flowers is stunning


The tutorials are easy to understand and so easy to pull off

Hope you get some inspiration out of these amazingly talented individuals!

Thanks for reading