Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another crafty Birthday present

Found another one!

Crafted this beauty for my friend Sue's Birthday. She loved it... until the very large vintage button broke! Totally kidding... she's just obsessed with her Chanel purse. It's cool... I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!

The great thing about making people stuff for special occasions is... If I can fix it... cool! If I can't... uh oh!

I have yet to fix the busted button!

Flash Back craft projects

Is there a craft I can make that will cure my neck/back/shoulder pain?...
I didn't think so!

Speaking of crafts... I was rummaging through my old craft project photo's and decided to post them for your viewing pleasure.

I made this purse (above) for my older sister for Christmas 2008. That was my "I will make all gifts DIY" pledge. It worked out for the most part... except I couldn't very well craft an xbox 360 for my boyfriend! This was my first attempt at sewing a purse. I borrowed the pleated purse tutorial somewhere online. When I remember I will cite it. I really love this purse and the overall outcome but its not my best work... I cut a lot of corners making this. Oh well... at least she used it a few times!

I put this fierce little number together for my younger sister the same Christmas. Again... I was a novice to the sewing scene when I made this. I didn't use any tutorials or patterns for this. Although its never really been very durable, she loved it and I think still uses it!

 I hope to steer in the same DIY direction this year for the Holiday's as well! Wish me luck... I'll need it!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Back in action!

Now that I've done a little remodeling on my blog I'm feeling the blogginess! So here's the latest... My boyfriend just got back from his amazing trip to South Africa for the World Cup 2010! He had a blast! He was gone for almost 3 weeks and I should have been spending most of that time alone doing crafts and junk but sadly I didn't do much!

I did however, put together a little Birthday present for my good friend Tori. Totally DIY hanging jewelry display. I took a cork board from target, covered it in some gnarly fabric that kinda sorta matches her new and improved room decor, added some black lace on the bottom border, and what would a craft project be like without some colorful rhinestones!?! *Pictures to come*  I think you'll love it! Not that I have many readers or anything... but hey! a girl can dream right?If you did happen to stumble upon my blog please feel free to follow my blog and check back for new posts and updates! Crafty soul will Love you forever!