Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Flash Back craft projects

Is there a craft I can make that will cure my neck/back/shoulder pain?...
I didn't think so!

Speaking of crafts... I was rummaging through my old craft project photo's and decided to post them for your viewing pleasure.

I made this purse (above) for my older sister for Christmas 2008. That was my "I will make all gifts DIY" pledge. It worked out for the most part... except I couldn't very well craft an xbox 360 for my boyfriend! This was my first attempt at sewing a purse. I borrowed the pleated purse tutorial somewhere online. When I remember I will cite it. I really love this purse and the overall outcome but its not my best work... I cut a lot of corners making this. Oh well... at least she used it a few times!

I put this fierce little number together for my younger sister the same Christmas. Again... I was a novice to the sewing scene when I made this. I didn't use any tutorials or patterns for this. Although its never really been very durable, she loved it and I think still uses it!

 I hope to steer in the same DIY direction this year for the Holiday's as well! Wish me luck... I'll need it!

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