Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July recap

I am back from my 3 day weekend... wishing it was still here! I hope every one's Independence Day Holiday was full of excitement!

I got together with some good friends and it was super fantabulous!

We got a little creative with our sparklers. Take a look!

This was Sue Sue's first attempt. Credit: Sue Sue came up with the idea. Shout out!

Successful "I ♥ U"

Successful "LOVE" Looks like we all had LOVE on our minds.
That... and we needed a pretty four letter word... it suited us.

And the FINALE!!!
We used our last 5 sparklers to accomplish THIS work of art...
ha ha yeah that was a joke!
Carlos and I are the ones at the end...
ya think we're meant for each other?
I should say so.
We both had our letter/number backwards! yikes!

So there you have it. What we did on our 4th of July!

*  *  *  *  *  *

One thing that I did want to point out is that when we finished our fireworks we made sure everything was cleaned up and put in the trash.

On our way home from that gloriously bright evening we stumbled upon a bunch of used fireworks scattered in the streets. No WONDER our cities make fireworks illegal. People don't know how to pick up after themselves. Its appalling and down right wrong. Take care of your communities... pick up after yourselves!

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Sue said...

that was so much fun!!!!