Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I wish I had more time... do more things that make me happy! Such as crafting and blogging about crafting.

I was browsing through some of my favorite established blogs and it got me thinking about how much fun it would be to have more time to do what they do. I don't know how these blogger's do it! Some of the things they come up with are amazing! Where do they find the time to do it all? If they have full time jobs then major kudos to them because I can barely manage a couple simple projects and posts in a week.

I could probably make more after-work time for crafting and getting creative... but there's always something to do or something that needs to get done! Dinner dates, laundry, Birthday party's, and the list goes on... and on... and on!

Maybe after this post I could make a conscious effort to do more of the things I love to do! Wish me luck!

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