Thursday, July 29, 2010

Obsessed with hair accessory crafts

I had an itch to craft this week but we had plans to go to our friends house... so I took my craft junk mobile and created some more hair accessorie's with Sue Sue (my friend Sue).  Check 'em out! I need to take a picture of Sue Sue's creation too!

Feather headband
I used binding tape around the headband, some feathers I bought, and a vintage button.


I call this my newspaper button headband.
I used some black and white flower print fabric print to wrap around the headband and some vintage buttons for embellishment on top.

Brown and white feather hairclip
I just used some brown and white feathers I bought and a vintage button

Whatcha think? Comment below please. :)

* * * * *

Need some advice from my fellow crafters out there: I use my glue gun for this stuff... any suggestions on getting them to look cleaner? Another product perhaps?


sisters4saymoreismore said...

LOVE LOVE! if i was a total bum (never did my dishes, toilet, etc) and ONLY crafted ALL day my girls would have a matching hair accessory for every freaking outfit, i swear they would!!!! love the feathers, feather it up!

~selina (sis#1)

Stephanie said...

I really really like the button one. Cute idea!

superh2ogirl said...

Thanks a bunch ladies! Oh sis#1 I'm a total bum too! I wish I could do this stuff everyday! Sometimes I would rather catch up on my TV shows!

Sarah said...

I love the headband crafts. I may have to go do some. I especially love the feathers. Do you know where you can find cool feathers for headbands?

Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

I LOVE those headbands, Nichole! They are absolutely adorable! Great job!! :)

superh2ogirl said...

Thanks Sarah! I found my feathers at Joanne's fabric. They had a variety of them. Browns, blacks, whites, peacock feathers. Threadbanger also gave me the idea to get feathers for headbands from feather dusters! Or if you have a Michael's crafts in your area they probably have some there too. Thanks for commenting and following! KIT (that was so 8th grade. haha)

b. said...

Love the vintage inspired hair pieces, they look really cool.

b. of Depict This!

superh2ogirl said...

Thanks b! I appreciate it! ;)

Ms M said...

Love the button alice band!

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

way way cute...can't decide which one I like more! great job!