Thursday, July 22, 2010

Personal Pledge

I'm a HUGE bargain shopper... but eventually all of those great bargain deals add up! I accumulate an abundance of clothing a year. From discount retail stores to thrift store and yard sales... I just have too much to maintain, organize and store. I also don't realize where my money goes until it's too late!

Which leads me to my two month pledge. It started with my boyfriend making me pinky promise him that I wouldn't buy any clothes, shoes, etc for two months. Sometimes I need someone to challenge me to follow through on something. While this was originally a request from my wonderful Boyfriend it is more a personal pledge to myself.

With this pledge comes the bigger challenge. Getting creative with the items I already have! I need to start thinking outside the box and come up with new ways to wear my favorite pieces. Or actually use some of the pieces I don't wear very often!

I would also like to start reconstructing items into new, wearable items. I've already started making my second reconstructed piece of clothing. Mens shirt into a dress. I'm using this tutorial from Instructables submitted by the talented emattrose. So far so good! I just have to convince my wonderful boyfriend or someone to help me fit it to myself. Or I need to finally make myself a dress form.

I will keep you updated on everything! Thanks for reading wherever you are!


Sue said...

that sounds like a great idea. stay strong lady!

Sarah said...

I think what your doing is great! Thanks so much for following me. You're so sweet. You'll be so surprised at the things in your closet you can reinvent. One thing that I started doing is putting clothes that I don't wear often in a box under my bed. If I don't use those clothes in a month then I get rid of them. One more tip that I hope helps, I hate getting rid of clothes and so the clothes I don't use I will often use for fabrics for other clothes that I can remake!