Friday, July 9, 2010

Sewing itch

While the boyfriend was out playing softball with his buddies, I got a little itch to sew!

I put on my Pandora, turned the volume up, danced around a little (I reall did!) and rummaged through the boxes of "to-do" reconstructions. I came across this vintage old ladie skirt, which we no doubt picked up at $1 Jet Rag sundays. I started ripping the seems on it a long time ago but never got around to actually doing something with it! Yesterday was the day!

I cinched the waste with some elastic and adjusted the hem a little and Voila! It passed for a high-wasted skirt but I think I may have to take it in a little more. Still looking a little Granny-ish! The Yellow top is also a vintage treasure I bought from Jet Rag. I added the belt to complete the look. Afterall, What's an outfit without an accessory?!?

Now... I wonder where I'll wear this little number first? wondering.... wonder wonder wonder. Hoping to just be in my thrift wear and bikinis this weekend. A relaxing smellaxing weekend Thrift store shopping beaching it in the hopefully, Sunny California weather and spending time with family. 

Stay tuned for the next crafty installation! I'm getting this hang of this and I LOVE It!


Stephanie said...

I love the whole outfit...the combination is great!

Sue said...

nice work lady. perfect work outfit.