Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thrifted Luau outfit

One thing I hate is buying new costumes/outfits for themed parties/events. I would rather make it or thrift it. So that's what I did for the Luau I attended this weekend (this was way before my personal pledge). I found this elastic cynched skirt at my favorite thrift store for only $2. What a great find. I Love it because it's bright and colorful! Just like me!

The whole outfit (excuse the poor quality photo's)

Skirt - $2
Puka Shell Necklace - 99 cents
Pink racer back - already had
Hair accessories - $2 at a farmer's market (the boyfriend bought them for me... isn't he nice?)


aurora. said...

cute outfit!
im always so jealous of people who find awesome stuff at thrift stores! i can never really find anything good, although it doesnt stop me trying!

thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)

Hello*Pretty said...

Love the outfit! Great party idea!! :) xo- karrie

superh2ogirl said...

Thanks so much for the comments ladies! @Aurora I am sending out good thrifting luck into the Universe for you! I've been thrifting since I can remember. I thank my Mom for showing me how it's done.