Thursday, August 19, 2010

DIY Christmas on my mind

Christmas in my house has always been a gifting extravaganza! We are spoiled and we spoil each other during Christmas. Last year I was feeling a bit of Christmas blues and I thought all of the major gifting hype was getting way out of control and getting in the way of the meaning of the Holiday. I wanted it to be more about family and sharing the moment together but still exchange gifts.

I don't remember what Christmas this is from*
*From left: Mommy, Me, Brittany, and Lidia, missing Bella*

 Since we're all older now and have more bills to pay (ya know because we're big girls now and all) I thought of a better way to tone down the hype and make it more meaningful. We have always made lists of what we wanted and what we needed every year for Christmas... so we cut that out completely! We also decided that you could only spend a maximum of $25 on each person (No minimum) The new gifting guideline was a success! Everyone really put thought into what we gifted and we all really stretched out our cash. Some of us made our gifts and some of us even thrifted gifts. My sister bought me this vintage sugar bowl that looked like a mushroom and my Mommy made me these awesome iron on tags for my handmade junk. It was super cute and I adored everything! Don't get me wrong... I did need those black patent flats my sister bought me! (at cost)

We're going to continue the tradition this year but with another limit on stocking stuffers. While did we save money having a $25 limit, some of us went crazy on stocking stuffers! (cough cough - Lid!) So we have a $5 limit on stocking stuffers this year!

I'm starting to compose a list of all the DIY Christmas presents I need to  make this year. Problem is... I want to share these things on my blog but I'm afraid to give away the surprise to any of my readers who happen to be friends and family.

What do I do? Any suggestions?


b. said...

The only solution I can think of is to wait until after Christmas to share on the blog.. -__-

I know, not the greatest idea. When you have creativity simmering away it is very hard to keep it contained!!

Maybe you could put a spoiler warning at the top of the relevant posts? Then if they are not surprised it would be their fault...?

b. of Depict This!

Sophie@Diary of a Young Designer said...

Umm I think it's a sweet idea. Just post those ideas that probably won't be presents. That way you'll keep the secret. =D


superh2ogirl said...

Thanks ladies! I appreciate it!