Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday night at Barnes

Since starting school I have a whole lot of reading to complete so I spent my Friday evening reading my Business book at Barnes and Noble. I was outside enjoying the cool summer breeze and got through a chapter and a half. Then some adolescent kids ruined my study time. So I went inside to browse none other than the craft section.

I love it when I find AWESOME craft and sewing books on sale. I found Sew U, Home strectch  by Wendy Mullin on sale for... lets just say... oober cheap. Needless to say I did purchase it. It comes with some basic sewing patterns and directions and I love it because it has pictures. What can I say... I am a visual person. I need pictures in my life and in my books.

 I especially LOVE how the craft book section is so desolate. Which means more room for me to rummage through the fab books. I took a load off on the floor in front of the sewing books. Too much fun for a Friday night. I found a few books that are now on my list to collect.

I hope your Friday night was as exciting as mine!

Thanks for reading

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