Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I ♥ Jersey necklaces

I came across a few t-shirts while I was going through my yard sale pile and I took them out because I remembered I wanted to try my hand out at making some funky jersey necklaces out of them.

Jersey nacklace crafting is exactly what i've been up to the last few days!

Take a look at my inspired creations

I wish I had the time to do some tutorials but my time restraints stink

This jersey necklace just happened to match my outfit for the day!

I've been inspired by multiple jersey necklace projects and tutorials
such as:

This tutorial from Sister #1, Selina of Sisters 4 say... more is more
I just adore these ladies and their blog!

I just love the ruggedness of the necklace

This picture and video tutorial from CraftSanity
The video's are fun and the picture tutorials are clear and easy to understand

I love the sweet added touches!

More Jersey necklaces and accessories to come!
Stay tuned!



The Sisters 4 say MORE is more said...

i totally love that you linked us, thank you!!! you are super cute and now i want to make all the other necklaces you posted!


superh2ogirl said...

Yay! I hope I get to see them! :)

ParisiannSkies said...

these look like such easy pieces to wear.

Sarah said...

Ooh I love jersey necklaces and all things jersey. Can't wait to see your stuff!

superh2ogirl said...

Thanks so much ParisiannSkies and Sarah!

hungryhippie said...

These are cute! I have a tutorial on tshirt necklaces too--but I like these better! THanks for following me and leaving such nice comments--I'm following you back cuz I like yur style girl!
peace out

Nikki said...

I haven't seen these before. I like them.

meijo's JOY said...

I've been browsing around your old posts...and this one it my favorite, not sure is the jersey necklace or the cute photos of you at the top! So fun reading all your post!