Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I received LOVE...

...from one of my wonderful blog follower's B. of Depict This! She gave me a blog award! My first one! Yay! What a sweet thing to do huh? I am almost blushing... almost!

My Award!
Me Gusta! (I like)
Thank you doll!

I guess now I'm supposed to do the following. I will do so with pleasure!

Award rules are as follows:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award: Thank you so much B! Your fun fun posts make me smile and your style is so unique and inspiring! Lovely blog!
2. Copy the graphic onto your blog: Copy > Paste > Check! ✔3.Pass it along: Will do! Ya know I have some bloggers who I absolutely adore!

Here are 10 lovely blogs I adore!
(In no particular order)

Her pieces are amazing and inspiring. Her photo's are breathtakingly beautiful!

Love her thrifty finds, recipes, and tutorials are great!

She is just full of fabulousness. Not to mention some great tutorials.

Max California is just so funky fresh awesome!

She's as cute as a button with her cute style and easy peasy tutorials.

I love their blog and the fact that they share a bond of fashion and creativity.

Aurora pretty vintage
Such a fashionista and great photographer. She inspires me to take pretty pictures.

Wearing It On My Sleeves
With her classic chic taste and fun and easy tutorials, she makes me smile every post!

I'm always finding fresh ideas over at Tip Junkie. She's spot on!

The Hand Me Down House
I hope to be as daring and creative as her when I have my own home someday! She has great before and afters because she does GREAT work!

There ya have it!
These ladies totally inspire me on a daily basis!
Thank you and I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

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Sarah said...

ahh I'm so flattered that you put me on your list! I love your blog too, Congrats on your first award!!!