Monday, August 23, 2010

Mini Me hair accessory photo shoot (pic heavy?)

This is my little sis... AKA Mini Me

And she was my little hair accessory model this weekend. Totally not planned but a great plan it turned out to be! Sis and Mom came over this weekend to craft some baby shower plates (next post) and I needed to keep her occupied for a few minutes... so I decided to make her my model for my latest hair accessory creations! She did a fabulous job! She's definitely a natural. Wow do I love this kid!

I was feeling pretty uncrafty last week so I took about an hour our of my time to make some hair clips while I was catching up on some tv shows. Here's what I pumped out! sounds weird huh? Here's what I whipped up! Better? haha

Here is the lot of clips I created (minus one)

Mini Me modeling my little black flower clip (shown above)

Mini Me modeling the blue buttoned fabric yoyo hair clip (shown above)

Mini Me modeling the red fabric yoyo hair clip (shown above)

Mini Me modeling my deconstructed flower hair clip (shown above)

Mini Me modeling the yellow fabric yoyo hair clip

And one more for the road...
Super cute! This was her idea!

The baby shower plates will be in my next post.

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