Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recent Pretty's

I'm at it again! I'm on a Jersey necklace high. Here are a couple fab-U-lous jersey necklaces I've pumped out recently. Hope you like them!

I needed to snap some quick photo's of them which is why I took them myself.
Unfortunately, Carlos wasn't around to help. :(

I need a haircut sooo badly! This is too long for me!
This is my variation of I Heart Jenny's Art White Jersey necklace tutorial.
I braided the strips instead of twisting them.

This one looks more like a mini thin scarf but I will be sporting it as a necklace. so pish posh!

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Ron Cooper said...

Following you from Follow Me Wednesday. Please follow back. I’m posting inspiring messages three times weekly on my new Facebook fan page…link’s below!

sisters4saymoreismore said...

super cute! i just die over jersey!!!! i keep stealing my husbands tees and hoarding them!


Sue said...

love the blue one!!