Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Transformation Tuesday?: Multi-picture frame

I'm trying to transition from just sharing projects to creating my own tutorials. I appreciate all the bloggers who take the time to share they're magic and how they achieve them so I'm making an effort to start doing the same.

Here is my very first tutorial ever! I thought maybe a "Transformation Tuesday" would be fun to start out with as a weekly post. I will post either transformed projects or transformed project tutorials. What do you think? Feedback please... pretty please?

How to make an un-used frame into a multi-picture frame

I have all of these little 3" x 4" pictures of my neice and sister. I didn't just want to buy a bunch of itty bitty frames to display them in and I didn't want to have to go buy a multi-picture frame. I stumbled upon the idea while I was sitting on our nice new used leather chair and ottoman that my Mommy gave us (Thanks Mommy). I have this empty 8" x 10" picture frame staring at me from my bookshelf and I hadn't done anything with it. I made my own multi-picture frame! Genius right? (just let me be full of myself today)

What you'll need

scissors or exacto knife
pen or pencil
card stock or colorful construction paper
markers if you want to add some decoration

1. Get out your unused frame (above) and measure the amount of paper that will need to be inserted into the frame (it's the larger traced border area in the picture(s) below)

2. Place your desired pictures onto the measured paper and trace around them

3. Take your pictures off to see the trace marks

4. Draw a smaller frame on all four sides of the traced box

5. Get out your exacto knife out to cut out the smaller box inside of the larger traced box

6. Tape your photo's face down on the side with the markings

7. Flip it over, get out your sharpie or crayons or anything to make a pretty design along the borders of the pictures

8. Place the newly fashioned frame in your desired location and project complete!

I realize I could have been waaay more creative with this but I just wanted to get it done and this idea/tutorial idea came to me at ten o'clock at night. I was pressed for time and sleep was more important to me.

I hope you find this tutorial interesting or useful. Get creative and share with me your variations if you have any.


b. said...

That's pretty cool! I want to make more tutorials too, but I really do not know what to make them about.... ><

b. of Depict This!

superh2ogirl said...

Thanks so much B! I know right... its so hard for me to focus on tutorials when I don't even know how the projects I'm attempting are going to come out.

Sue said...

so cute and great use for the frames. you did great with the step by step process.