Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birthday girl over here. Whoop whoop

Hello Blog world

Guesssss what? It's my Birthday today! Yay!
I have been MIA because of school and studying and super fun Birthday stuff!
Don't fret... I have some fun stuff to share with you in my next posts. If I ever get around to it. Okay Okay I will, I promise!

  • Surprise birthday toga party photo's with some super funky details my crafty friends concocted
  • Very creative and beautiful DIY wedding photo's to share (not mine)
  • Some nifty baby shower decorations I made
So stay tuned... don't turn off your television... and thank you for watching! ha ha


I just LOVE cherries so I thought I would include this cute little thing

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b. said...

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I hope your birthday was/is awesome!

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