Friday, September 24, 2010

Creative Baby Shower (Pic HEAVY)

I attended a baby shower last weekend and was given the honor of decorating one of the tables for the tea party themed shower.

All of the table decorating volunteers had to provide the plates, glasses, silverware, napkins, and any miscellaneous decorations.

I decided to go with a "crafty" theme (surprised?)

The tables rented came with umbrella's so of course I wanted to do some bunting for a super rad fabric garland to put around it. I used an Alice in Wonderland, plaid pink and teal, and teal and white fabric for the triangles. 

Bunted Fabric Garland
My first one... what'da think?

I bought the plates and actual iced tea glasses from the Dollar Tree. I fancied up the iced tea glasses with some bows and made enough hair clips for each plate using the same fabrics.

Remember those Rocking Baby Plates?
Here they are in full effect

notice the glasses also have the onesie glued onto them

Mom also did a onesie clothing line for added decoration

Here are the other fabulous tables
Fiesta Fiesta! Arrriba!
Very nice floral motif
Loving the colors
A little Asian inspiration for the party

* * * * *

Now for the food and drinks and yummy yummy sweets!

Yummy beverage selection

Cupcakes and cookies all done by my talented Aunt

The tea sandwiches went on these plates with the flower pot labels next to them
Too cute huh?

Check out this FABULOUS diaper cake
Isn't it just so whimsical?

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Sue said...

love it!!! everything you made turned out so great. i love the fabric you used. everyone else did such a good job too.

Anonymous said... are so incredibly awesome. You did such a fantastic job of making my baby shower a memorable one. It's the little things that you do. I am honored to be your friend (or your moms friend) hee hee! Love you. Michelle