Monday, November 1, 2010

Tutorial - Nautical Anchor Photo Frame

This is not a great tutorial at all but the project came out super cute and I love it! (I'm still working on my tutorial abilities!)

I have been loving Nautical junk for a while now and decided to decorate my bathroom nautical style! It all started when my friend Tori bought me these adorable nautical frames and I couldn't figure out where the heck to put them! So I stuck them on my bathroom shelf and decided to make it my theme!
I also found this GREAT lifesaver thingy at Homegood's on clearance for $3.00! What a great find!

Now onto the tutorial

Optional: Rockyroad Ice Cream while crafting (tee hee!)
Old picture frame
Tacky Glue or modge podge
Rope (any size)
scrapbooking paper or construction paper
optional: Spraypaint
optional: little embellishments like jewelry pieces that resemble treasure or anything that stands out

Gotta have some Rocky Road ice cream while crafting!

1. Start by removing the glass or plastic from the frame so you don't get any glue or paint on it.
I had actually already spray painted the frame gold prior to this project. You can paint it... or not!

2. Take your glue and squeeze or brush a little glue strip along the top of the frame

3. Grab your rope and start wrapping it around the border of the frame. Glue and wrap and glue and wrap.

4. Once you have completely finished covering the front of the frame with glue and rope let it dry for a few hours or overnight as I did.

5. Find a nautical template online that you can use to trace onto a piece or scrapbooking or construction paper.
I used an anchor.

6. Print the template on cardstock or something firm if you have it.
If not you can also free-hand the template onto the paper you will be using.

7. Trace the template onto your paper and cut it out. I used double sided scrapbooking paper and used the stars for the background and the opposite brown side for the anchor. Tape the anchor onto your background paper.

8. Put the glass/plastic back into the frame and put your scrapbook paper on the glass/plastic face down and close your frame.

9. Grab some jewelry pieces or rhinestones or anything for embellishment. I had these nautical jewelry pieces I bought on sale at Michael's and used those. I was saving them for something and  I KNEW I would need them for a good reason!
10. Glue your embellishments wherever you prefer. I have a more of a uniform way of doing things so I put a little in every corner.

11. Give yourself a pat on the back for creating such a fabulous piece of art work!

Thanks for checking out my tutorial!

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