Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday night at Barnes

Since starting school I have a whole lot of reading to complete so I spent my Friday evening reading my Business book at Barnes and Noble. I was outside enjoying the cool summer breeze and got through a chapter and a half. Then some adolescent kids ruined my study time. So I went inside to browse none other than the craft section.

I love it when I find AWESOME craft and sewing books on sale. I found Sew U, Home strectch  by Wendy Mullin on sale for... lets just say... oober cheap. Needless to say I did purchase it. It comes with some basic sewing patterns and directions and I love it because it has pictures. What can I say... I am a visual person. I need pictures in my life and in my books.

 I especially LOVE how the craft book section is so desolate. Which means more room for me to rummage through the fab books. I took a load off on the floor in front of the sewing books. Too much fun for a Friday night. I found a few books that are now on my list to collect.

I hope your Friday night was as exciting as mine!

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I'm a winner!

Just Sew Sassy made a Great Anthro-inspired headband Tutorial, had an extra headband and did a little giveaway. And guess... what? I won my very first blog giveaway.

Here are a couple random shots of me wearing my fabulous new headband!

Thanks so much Staci from Just Sew Sassy

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Monday, August 23, 2010

DIY Baby shower plates and a typed tutorial

My Mommy has to decorate a table for her friend's baby shower. She has to supply the dinnerware, cups, utensils and decorations for 8 seats.

She asked me to help her out a little. Two heads are always better than one! So cliche, I know.

We didn't want to just whip out my Mom's good china for the event so we thought outside the box and found these awesome clear dinner plates. They're pretty groovy with a little circle divet at the top. We instantly thought decoupage! I love to decoupage!

After that thought we went with a rock and roll theme. The parents to be are major rock stars! but not really...

I found this awesome onesie clipart and also found this purple "rockin" drums set clipart and put the two together. Awesome how the two became one. *suddenly I hear the Spice girls in my head*

I'm a silly silly little girl and I didn't even think to do a photo tutorial while in the process. All this talk about constantly having my blog on my mind went right out the door! I'm hoping to do a tutorial on this but I hate to have to waste an extra plate when we already finished them all! I will figure something out!

Here is the finished product! I'll explain how to do it in a few easy steps.

Typed Tutorial (sorry no photo's)
What you'll need

Clear glass plate
Images you would like to use (regular printing paper, magazines, and newspaper work best)
Modge Podge Glossy finish
Sponge brush you can throw away after
Can of spray paint (a gloss finish would work best)

Step 1: Wash your plate with soap and dry really well

Step 2: Cut the image to your desired shape and size

Step 3: Take your sponge brush and brush modge podge on the front of your image

Step 4: Place the image face first onto the back of your glass plate and lightly press down to stick
(you can either leave it rugged and undone or you can take a credit card and lightly drag it over your image to get out any bubbles... I did both)

Step 5: Brush a coat of modge podge over the back of the image and wait for it to dry completely
(don't worry about it looking too messy because you're going to spray paint over it)

Step 6: Place your plate somewhere spray paint friendly and grab an old t-shirt to avoid spray paint splatter on your clothing

Step 7: Hold your spray paint a little more than a few inches and spray over the image on the back of the plate
(Be sure not to spray too close or the paint will run and that won't look very pretty)

Step 8: Let dry completely and spray the bottom with a sealent if you prefer (I opted out of this)

Step 9: Bask in the "ooohs" and "aaahhs" of your fabulous creation!

Hope that made sense
Thanks for reading


Mini Me hair accessory photo shoot (pic heavy?)

This is my little sis... AKA Mini Me

And she was my little hair accessory model this weekend. Totally not planned but a great plan it turned out to be! Sis and Mom came over this weekend to craft some baby shower plates (next post) and I needed to keep her occupied for a few minutes... so I decided to make her my model for my latest hair accessory creations! She did a fabulous job! She's definitely a natural. Wow do I love this kid!

I was feeling pretty uncrafty last week so I took about an hour our of my time to make some hair clips while I was catching up on some tv shows. Here's what I pumped out! sounds weird huh? Here's what I whipped up! Better? haha

Here is the lot of clips I created (minus one)

Mini Me modeling my little black flower clip (shown above)

Mini Me modeling the blue buttoned fabric yoyo hair clip (shown above)

Mini Me modeling the red fabric yoyo hair clip (shown above)

Mini Me modeling my deconstructed flower hair clip (shown above)

Mini Me modeling the yellow fabric yoyo hair clip

And one more for the road...
Super cute! This was her idea!

The baby shower plates will be in my next post.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Material Girl... blogging material that is

Now that I'm blogging more often, I spend a lot of my time thinking about all the fun stuff I can post.

Key word: Thinking

I haven't had very much time to tackle the tutorials I've been wanting to do. I think I need a Checklist of craft To-do's. I wish I had an ipod touch or an ipad or an iphone right about now. My phone works fine but it's not as fun. I can't physically check my finished items off my list.

I did however, make some funky hair clips last night while Carlos and I caught up on our latest recorded television shows. (which is why I don't have time to craft... because I would rather watch TV than make stuff sometimes... UGH) I will post pictures sometime this weekend.

Have a lovely weekend lovely's


Thursday, August 19, 2010

DIY Christmas on my mind

Christmas in my house has always been a gifting extravaganza! We are spoiled and we spoil each other during Christmas. Last year I was feeling a bit of Christmas blues and I thought all of the major gifting hype was getting way out of control and getting in the way of the meaning of the Holiday. I wanted it to be more about family and sharing the moment together but still exchange gifts.

I don't remember what Christmas this is from*
*From left: Mommy, Me, Brittany, and Lidia, missing Bella*

 Since we're all older now and have more bills to pay (ya know because we're big girls now and all) I thought of a better way to tone down the hype and make it more meaningful. We have always made lists of what we wanted and what we needed every year for Christmas... so we cut that out completely! We also decided that you could only spend a maximum of $25 on each person (No minimum) The new gifting guideline was a success! Everyone really put thought into what we gifted and we all really stretched out our cash. Some of us made our gifts and some of us even thrifted gifts. My sister bought me this vintage sugar bowl that looked like a mushroom and my Mommy made me these awesome iron on tags for my handmade junk. It was super cute and I adored everything! Don't get me wrong... I did need those black patent flats my sister bought me! (at cost)

We're going to continue the tradition this year but with another limit on stocking stuffers. While did we save money having a $25 limit, some of us went crazy on stocking stuffers! (cough cough - Lid!) So we have a $5 limit on stocking stuffers this year!

I'm starting to compose a list of all the DIY Christmas presents I need to  make this year. Problem is... I want to share these things on my blog but I'm afraid to give away the surprise to any of my readers who happen to be friends and family.

What do I do? Any suggestions?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recent Pretty's

I'm at it again! I'm on a Jersey necklace high. Here are a couple fab-U-lous jersey necklaces I've pumped out recently. Hope you like them!

I needed to snap some quick photo's of them which is why I took them myself.
Unfortunately, Carlos wasn't around to help. :(

I need a haircut sooo badly! This is too long for me!
This is my variation of I Heart Jenny's Art White Jersey necklace tutorial.
I braided the strips instead of twisting them.

This one looks more like a mini thin scarf but I will be sporting it as a necklace. so pish posh!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

some schooling going on here

So next week I begin community college again after 5 years. I am sooo nervous to go back but I am thrilled and ready to learn! I know this time around that I'm going to be committed to my new goal of obtaining an associate's degree in business management. I might dabble a little in advertising and graphic design to see how I like it. I love making flyers and creating cards on my computer using Publisher. I would love to learn how to design my own clipart and other fun and fancy pretty's. I have to stick something creative in there somewhere right?

I don't know how much time I will have to craft and share projects and tutorials but I definitely have to find time for it because I'm going to attempt to do another DIY Christmas. Details of my DIY Christmas on my next post. Stay tuned!

I like to try and have a picture in every post so here are some photo's of some books I have at home. Silly Willy I know!

This is what I studied a couple years ago.
Massage therapy is a love of mine but it won't pay the bills the way I need it to right now.
I also just don't have the energy to do multiple massages a day.

I won't be reading very many of these kinds of books where I'm going!
(I know I have two Breaking Dawn books. My boyfriend and my best friend both bought one for me and I don't have the heart to get ride of either of them)

As always, thanks for reading. Wish me luck and patience and balance and inspiration!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Fancy Friday

Since reorganizing my life... I mean workspace, I haven't even had the chance to sit and make something. I've mostly been making jersey necklaces while covering the switchboard at work. I have four total and I will post pictures of the two new ones soon. Until then... I thought I would share this project that I made for my Dad for Father's day. I bought a picture frame from Ikea and used these letters I got from a checkerboard of alphabet's photo's here to spell out MUSIC. My Dad is a musician afterall (keyboards). I plan on making another one of these for another special someone but I probably shouldn't talk about that on here since it's going to be a surprise!

Excuse the quality: This was taken with my Dad's cell phone.

I spelled out MUSIC and added a photo of some piano keys on top along with a picture of the kids and grandkids. ( From Left: Oldest Sister Lidia, Middle Sister Nicole (Me), Younger Sister Brittany, Grandaughter Samantha, and Grandson Grant)

That's all I have to share this wonderful Friday. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! If not... MAKE it fabulous!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Workspace organization

My crafting and sewing (sewing mostly) has been put on hold because my workspace/office/dressing room has been in complete shambles!

We have this big room in the house that we probably would have used as the bedroom but because of the old and neglected hardwood flooring and large space we decided to utilize it as our office, my sewing and craft workspace, and my dressing room so I don't have to wake up Carlos every morning with lights and shuffling.

Problem is I'm a messy nesty and it's so hard for me to keep everything organized and in its place for very long.

This weekend I spent most of my time getting my workspace back in order. Below are the before and after photo's. Any organizing tips? Send them my way!

I've always been a slob but I'm so embarrassed to show these

Let the organizing begin!
Some hanky's and doilies I know I need to utilize now
I have no idea how I accumulated so many paint brushes???
I bundled these up with a hair tie
I am no longer allowed to buy zippers anymore!

After: Lets see how long I can keep this up!

Organized the important sewing stuff in the top drawer and craft supplies and junk in the second drawer.

Organized the paints, that bundle of paint brushes, and the more rugged items in the bottom drawer.

I am so happy with the results. Time to start whipping out some purses and reconstructed clothing now!

Thanks for reading


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Transformation Tuesday?: Multi-picture frame

I'm trying to transition from just sharing projects to creating my own tutorials. I appreciate all the bloggers who take the time to share they're magic and how they achieve them so I'm making an effort to start doing the same.

Here is my very first tutorial ever! I thought maybe a "Transformation Tuesday" would be fun to start out with as a weekly post. I will post either transformed projects or transformed project tutorials. What do you think? Feedback please... pretty please?

How to make an un-used frame into a multi-picture frame

I have all of these little 3" x 4" pictures of my neice and sister. I didn't just want to buy a bunch of itty bitty frames to display them in and I didn't want to have to go buy a multi-picture frame. I stumbled upon the idea while I was sitting on our nice new used leather chair and ottoman that my Mommy gave us (Thanks Mommy). I have this empty 8" x 10" picture frame staring at me from my bookshelf and I hadn't done anything with it. I made my own multi-picture frame! Genius right? (just let me be full of myself today)

What you'll need

scissors or exacto knife
pen or pencil
card stock or colorful construction paper
markers if you want to add some decoration

1. Get out your unused frame (above) and measure the amount of paper that will need to be inserted into the frame (it's the larger traced border area in the picture(s) below)

2. Place your desired pictures onto the measured paper and trace around them

3. Take your pictures off to see the trace marks

4. Draw a smaller frame on all four sides of the traced box

5. Get out your exacto knife out to cut out the smaller box inside of the larger traced box

6. Tape your photo's face down on the side with the markings

7. Flip it over, get out your sharpie or crayons or anything to make a pretty design along the borders of the pictures

8. Place the newly fashioned frame in your desired location and project complete!

I realize I could have been waaay more creative with this but I just wanted to get it done and this idea/tutorial idea came to me at ten o'clock at night. I was pressed for time and sleep was more important to me.

I hope you find this tutorial interesting or useful. Get creative and share with me your variations if you have any.