Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pondering the idea of opening my own Etsy shop

ummm... I'm thinking about it... thinking long and hard before I do

I kinda want to find my own niche first but why not turn these crafty goodnesses into money?

Find your Niche Nicole!

I like the sound of that... Nicole's Niche!

Stay tuned!



Mamamotherlode said...

I took the plunge and now have two shops on Etsy.

Lauren said...

I think you should open an etsy shop! Also, thanks for the great comment! I would love to see the spreadsheet! Lauren
PS. I added you to my google reader, but forgot to follow you!

Sue said...

Do it!!! I am so happy to hear this!! I support you 150%. Yay friend!!! It is an amazing idea, the name is cute and realy works and fits you.

Jennifer said...

I have been pondering that idea myself for a while now... i have a couple go to things that i make for friends babyshowers that i think would sell pretty well... you'll have to share if you do take the plunge and how you like it!