Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sharing my Holiday craftyful gifts: Episode 1

I didn't share any kind of sneak peaks on what I was crafting for Christmas... not that very many of my friends and family ever actually read my blog (except 1)

So the point is that I didn't share any of it!

So I'm going to start to share them a little at a time while I gather the photo's because of course I was so caught up in the crafting that I FORGOT to take pictures of everything!

Here is one of the craftyful Christmas presents someone received! I'm a little sad that I didn't have time to compile some tutorials while I was making these things. Lets face it... until I'm a stay-at-home housewife I won't be doing many tutorials! Especially when I'm trying to get as many classes completed as I can before next year!

Reconstructed bangle bracelet

Took an old pink bangle someone gave me to use for crafting and turned it into fabulousness for my best friend Nayra.

How I did it:
All I did was wrap and glue black craft ribbon around the bracelet
Used this zipper flower tutorial from Craftaholics Anonymous for the zipper flowers and layered them on with some glue. I also added some green gem stones on each flower (not shown)

Crochet needle organizing pouch

I made this one for my coworker Liz
She loves to crochet!
She LOVED it and I'm so glad!

Alright so while I was producing this blog post I decided that I NEED to do some tutorials
I will hopefully get Fiancee's assitance with photo taking
I will Deliver!!
Stay tuned!

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Sue said...

I really like them friend....you are doing so much new inventive stuff....you have so much creative energy lately.