Thursday, February 10, 2011

Help... need tips on tutorials!

Hey bloggers and readers out there!

I need your help!

I've been creating and crafting and getting crazy with it and I am finding it difficult to document everything in order to create a tutorial!

I only have two hands and when I craft no one is around to help me take pictures... I try to but it doesn't work out and it ends up taking me FOR-E-VER to finish the project.

I'm just so frustrated that I can't share my craftiness with everyone! FRUSTRATED!

Please help. Does anyone have any tips for creating a craft tutorial by yourself? How do you talented beings do it? I must know!

Thanks a bunchers ahead of time!


Sarah said...

one thing that helps me is my tripod. If you have one of those I would definitely use it for your tutorials.

bonita said...

~ * ♥ * ~

Gah! A tripod! What a brilliant idea Sarah! I was just going to say that I end up taking my photos with my right hand trying to make my left hand look like it's actually doing something... =.='

So it totally looks like I am a lefty in all of my tutorials! And yes, it takes forever, but now I am going to try a tripod and remote{when I buy one}. > <

bonita of Depict This!
~ * ♥ * ~

Michelle said...

Tripod is a good suggestion, I always try my best to get and "action" shot but will get a before and after if that doesn't work. What type of pictures are you having a hard time getting?

superh2ogirl said...

Thank you dolls! You're the best! Looks like I need myself a tripod!

La Bouilloire Noire said...

I take all my own pictures and try to make tutorials out of 90% of my projects. I'm pretty sure I have tutorials that I've never even posted.

My suggestion is to stop- take a minute to breath and then take a picture of the progress of what you are doing. Don't try to do action shots as those usually come out blurry no matter who is taking them and just can be messy and confusing.

I have a tripod but getting it out- setting it up and trying to get all the right angles and lighting without being able to see what the picture is doing or focus it drives me nuts! I'm a total photographer at heart and I like being mad in control. I only use my tripod if I'm taking pictures of myself and then its kind of a "humph" thing I don't really like to do. Not to mention my new camera's self timer seems to not like me. I have to re-check the manuel on using it since the camera is a Nikon and they are trickier than all other cameras out there but its just a lot of work.