Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

If you read my blog you probably know that I don't stick to what I say I'm going to do... how terrible of me, I know!

Such as these...

Undiscovered Thursdays... I really tried keeping up with these posts, and while I enjoyed showing off new and undiscovered etsy stores, I think I ovwhelmed myself...

What I love Wednesdays was a bust! I only did like one posting (I think) and never looked back! I get distracted easily! Can you tell??

So in an attempt to keep my readers entertained weekly (at least once a week) and gather new ones I've come up with yet another weekly posting that I may or may not keep up... But lets think positive here!
I will prevail!

Next on the agenda...

Wedding Wednesday

Since I'm getting hitched in less than 19 months I've been surfing and turfing the web for wedding junk everywhere!

The list includes...

DIY (major)
Bridesmaid looks
Groomsmen looks
Dessert Tables
Ceremony Backdrops
You get the point

Since I kinda already know what I'm going for over the next 19 months I will attempt to give you sneak peaks of my wedding style, colors, etc etc. I'm not trying to ruin the element of surprise but not very many friends and family member's read my posts. Too bad for them!

Looking forward to next weeks first Wedding Wednesday post!

Here's a glimpse...


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