Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Heels

This is kind of random but I was just thinking about fuschia heels the other day and decided to do a Google search for fuschia heels.

I'm planning on sporting fuschia heels under my will-be-fabulous wedding dress

Here is what I found...

I'm sure none of these will be available when I actually decide to buy heels for the Wedding but this is just what I'm going for...

These Unlisted Kenneth Cole Heels from Zappos
On Sale for $47.20
*maybe I should consider buying them now...*

These lovely brighter pink heels from
A little steeper at $90.00

Alrighty I know I said Fuschia but these glittery shoes are To-Die-For! I LOVE me some glitter!
The good thing about these is that the lining and the heel is PINK! Whoo hoo!
I wonder if I could make a moc-up of these... because I wouldn't spend $325 on heels even if I HAD the money to!
Knowing me... I would probably make a mess out of attempting to try!
 That's all I can find for now... Maybe fuschia isn't in season right now!
It better be when I get married!
Muah Ha Ha!

1 comment:

Sue said...

i love the glitter ones!! my friend michelle's sister, bejeweled her wedding heels. they turned out great. i will show you a picture if you want.