Tuesday, March 1, 2011

TUTORIAL: Anthro-inspired doily necklace

I found these babies on the Anthropologie website...

... and I had the perfect doily to use for this tutorial!


1 round doily
Ribbon or chain
Needle and thread
Scrap fabric for flowers
Buttons or other notions

Step 1
Grab your doily and fold it in half

Step 2
Grab some scrap fabric and cut a strip the size of your doily from end to end

Step 3
Place the strip of fabric in the middle of your folded doily
(This will allow for a better hold when sewing)

Step 4
Get your needle and thread and hand stitch a simple straight stitch from end to end
(don't tie off just yet)

Step 5
Once the straight stitch is complete, gently pull the end of the thread to create rouching.
Tie off when you get the scrunchy rouching to your liking

Step 6
Grab your ribbon or chain and glue it to the back top edge of your rouched doily

Step 7
Add some embellishment to the front of your necklace using your glue gun or fabric glue
I made two fabric flowers for this

1. A shimmery gold flower using this old top
You can refer to this tutorial
(I tried sporting it but it didn't work so I threw it in the will-use-for-fabric pile)


2. A flat fabric rosette made out of the scrap fabric I used for the rouching 
You can refer to this tutorial or this tutorial

Step 8
Wear it proud!
This aint your grandma's doily anymore!


Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

This is really really cute! Thanks for sharing! :)

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Fiffi said...

Amazing! Thank you for the tutorial, I really need to try this out.

Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

Yum! I like yours even better than the originals, I think it has more character - love the little flower!

katherine said...

oh my goodness! it looks so good! great job :)

Anonymous said...

I made one and I love it so much!! I want to wear it every day!!
Thanks so much!

Sue said...

Oh my friend, this is GORGEOUS!!! I love it!!

meijo's JOY said...

This is awesome.. so simple work but WOW looking! You are really talented and creative.. your new follower.PC - Malaysia.