Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Ceremony seating

I've never seen a round ceremony seating arrangement before ever in my life until I started looking at wedding blogs and websites and magazines. I don't see them often but I think they are great and totally different! I'm thinking if I could pull it off, we're going to have a round ceremony seating arrangement.

It's a great way for guests to get a close glimpse of the happy couple.

Who likes to view a ceremony from the back of the room? Not me! I want to see the love and happiness the couple exudes on their wedding day. It's the best moment. It as afterall really all about the marriage.

There is also something about circles that intrigue me.
Everyone has their own representation of the shape but to me the circle represents Eternity.
It means never ending Love.
It represents the never ending Love the Lord has for us.

I know Marriages are usually "til death do us part" but I'd like to think that if we had the choice, we could be together for eternity. I would vow to be with that man for eternity. He is that amazing!

Got any different ceremony seating?
Send them my way!
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Katie said...

DO it!!!! The first one looks like a KEY!!! The shape and the runner match so it totally looks like a key! If your photographer took a pic from above it would really go with your theme!

Jessica said...

love Love LOVE this!!! I want to use this idea for my future wedding.