Monday, June 6, 2011

Dress My Soul (1)

I've been viewing many of the Fashion/Craft blogs I follow and realized that I'm missing something on my blog...

Fashion posts!

Now I will be the first to say that I'm no Kate Moss but I love my style and the simple, usually cohesive outfits I sometimes come up with.

I want my blog to eventually appeal to a variety of readers so I'm adding "Dressing My Soul" to the list (that's what I'm calling the series)

Introducing the very first Dressing My Soul installment (I like that word... hee hee)

Warning... I haven't set up H2B's tripod yet so these are some funky photo's right now!

Top - H&M ($10)
Skinny Pants - Forever 21 ($10)
Belt - BP Nordstrom ($7)
Shoes - Ross ($15)
Not very visible Necklace - Grandma Gifted ($0)

I do apologize for the low quality photo's
Bare with me... it's my first post

As always, thanks for reading!

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