Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Summa! + Toe Tutorial!

Summa is here!
(Think Real Housewives of NJ)
"Summa" baby!
Summa Summa Summa Time... time to sit back and unwind

I had a pretty darn great weekend!

In this order



I learned how to do my own DIY Glittery toe nails from my good friend Tori Junkin
Check 'em out (ignore my fluffy fat toes!)

Quick dry base polish
Quick dry top polish
Fine craft glitter

1 - Take the base coat and brush one toe
2 - Sprinkle some glitter before it dries
3 - Repeat on all toes and let dry
3 - Generously brush all toes with top coat and let dry

This can get messy and it's the same concept as doing it on paper except with nail polish instead of glue
If it gets too messy and you have excess glitter around the toe nails, just rinse with water


My bestie dyes my hair and we like to (she likes to) experiment with me hair
We've been trying to go bolder but everytime we try, I freak out and play it safe

This time we didn't play it safe...
and the end result is fabulous!

Check me out with my red head!

On another note I've been growing me my hair out for the Wedding
I'm happy to show that it's almost shoulder length


I visited the beach the first weekend of Summa!
Laguna was gorgeous!

We had intended to go boogie boarding but the waves were breaking pretty hard
The lifeguards definitely had their work cut out for them

I don't have photo's from the beach just yet but here's one of me riding home in my besties Jeep
sporting my red hair under me my groovy weekend hat

I hope you all enjoy your summa!
(if it is Summa where you're at)

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