Friday, June 3, 2011

Short Update

Busy Busy Busy Bee's!

I am a busy bee!

Sorry I haven't posted lately... life has been hectic

Busy at work... Busy with crappy news from many corners...
but I'm hanging in there... we're hanging in there

I've been frustrated that I haven't been able to tap into my crafting much

I've been inspired by all of these blogs that I'm following and I haven't found/made the time to execute anything!

It's really frustrating me!

All I want to do is set aside a weekend to just be creative... sit in my craft space, be one with the sewing machine and let the creative juices flow

Seriously though... my creative juices are filling up and they really need to be emptied!

Though, I really should be focusing on wedding DIY
(I read on a wedding forum that one bride's wedding is further away than mine and she's already started her DIY)

Yikes! I better get on it! I have the list of things that need to be done but I haven't planned out my execution for some of it.

Recent Crafts (before the dry spell)

I made the following for the Craft Peep Swap (it's not exactly peepy but I couldn't think of anything peepish I could make... the colors are bright and fun like peeps though)
I made this out of an old wooden box I used to keep trinkets in (that I no longer was using but thought it would come in handy for something like this)

I decoupaged it with this awesome looking fabric (my recipient was a graffiti fan) and personalized it with her name on it.

I hope she received it and liked it! (I haven't heard back from her)

I even added 2 cute accessories to the box

So much for a short update...

Thanks for reading!

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