Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PRW!!!! So Excited!

I was reading the MADE blog and she reminded me in this post about Project Runway by quoting Tim Gunn's famous "Make it work" saying.

I had forgotten all about PRW so I looked on the site to see when the next season was going to air...

It airs tomorrow (Thursday) at 9 pm pacific /8 central!!

I am way excited!

I haven't seen any previews but I wanted to pick out my favorite's by looking at their portfolio's on the website

I HATE to judge a book by its cover but it is necessary at this moment in time

My top 5 favorite's based only on the only portfolio are
(In no particular order)

Julie Tierney

This chick is straight CRAFTY!

Danielle Everine

Give me boho chic anyday!

Fallene Wells

Just LOOK at Fallene's outfit! Adorable!

Becky Ross

The photo says it all!

Anya Ayoung Chee

Love her ethnic designs. They're beautiful!

What do you think?

I hope ONE of these ladies really brings it because all of their work is fierce!
I'll check back next week to go over the first episode

Dress My Soul (6) Denim Blazer + Handmade Broach

I LOVE this outfit and
I am in LOVE with this thrifted denim blazer

Wore this to work last week
(even with the denim blazer... shhhh...)
I feel it comes together nicely
A little matchy matchy but none-the-less cute

Jacket - Thrifted
Skirt - Thrifted
Blouse - Ross
Shoes - Ross
Fabric flower broach - Handmade by me
Necklace - Gifted (Tiffany's)
Watch - Gifted (Betsey Johnson)

Thought I would highlight my love of Giraffe's by showing off the gorgeous wooden figurine Carlos brought us from South Africa when he went to the World Cup last year 

Look at that UGLY face
That's my irritated face!

Since I'm in the sharing mood I might as well share a few of my favorite things

We collect wood junk
I collect Giraffe junk

The wooden Giraffe is from South Africa from my baby
The wooden Elephant is from India from my Daddy
The wooden camel is from Iraq from my Daddy
The wooden asian doll is from China from my Daddy
(My Dad has been traveling a lot lately with the band he's in)
Check them out on Facebook SOTO

We have a den/dining room with a dinner table
but we don't eat at the table...
no no no
we used to eat on the coffee table
Now we eat on these lovely trays
Carlos has a black one and the cheetah one is MINE
I LOVE it!
We'll eat at the dinner table when we have a Family of our own

Babe jumped in a picture with me
This cutie right here is definitely one of my most favorite things!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: My own Inspirations Boards

I took some time to create my own little Inspirations boards at

This is ultimately the Bridesmaid look I'm going for.
I would LOVE for all of my bridesmaids to wear cutesy boots

You've seen the burlap idea in my previous post.
Here are just a few other different elements.

I Love Wedding Wire!

So far it has been the most helpful site around

They offer:

Seating charts (my FAVORITE)
Guest lists
Inspiration Boards
Wedding website
Budget sheets
Android App

Can't wait to share some elements of my wedding website
once I get it up and running!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Burlap

I cannot wait to Marry the LOVE of my LIFE!

I wish my Wedding was THIS September instead of NEXT September

I'm just oober excited because all of my ideas are coming together
It's all in my noggin!

Not to give too much away but expect to see some hints of burlap on the big day

I am in love with the look and it goes perfect for what we have in mind

Here are a few inspiration boards I found



I'm in LOVE with it all!

What do you think?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dress My Soul (5) Oh blue blazer...

Blazer - Thrifted
Shirt - Target
Skirt - Thrifted (Club Monaco)
Shoes - Ross
Microphone pin - Gifted
Necklace - Gifted (Tiffany's)
Watch - Gifted (Betsey Johnson)
Lets talk about my Blazer!
My blazer is another one of those amazing thrifting finds
It's navy/royal blue
Not really sure what the fabric is (reminds me of crushed velvet but not really)
It fits like a glove even though its a small (I wear a medium)

Its my perfect blazer!
I feel a poem coming on...

Oh blue blazer
I'm so glad I found you
you make my heart pitter patter
and never make me feel blue
Oh blue blazer
you pair nicely with most things
basically you go with everything
even my old stinky jeans
Oh blue blazer
what would I do
if I ever lost you you you? 

Enough of that!
Wow I never thought I would be so attached to this thing.
When I found it and first started to obsess over it I started looking for the brand online to see if I'd get lucky and snag another one just like it or in another color. That's how amazing it fits!
The brand is virtually unknown!

I gave up on my search...

One day when I have lots of moola dinero or some extra dough I'm going to have a seamstress make me one just like it. I will also probably need a bigger one someday when I get pregnant and then get plump and need a bigger size!

Oh p.s.
I'm sporting the Mexico flag for my love since it's been hanging on the porch because of all the
Mexico soccer games going on recently

A little bit of background:
  1. I am Mexican American born and raised in the United States (CA)
  2. I don't speak Spanish (although I've said a million times I need/want to learn)
  3. I eat beans and rice and all kinds of Mexican food
  4. I only know how to cook a few basic Mexican food dishes
    (chilaquiles, enchiladas, beans, I make a killer pan of rice, Tostadas, etc)
  5. I am Marrying a Mexican
  6. I enjoy listening to Mexican music (no, I can't understand it)
  7. I LOVE dancing to Mexican music (I'm pretty decent but not great!)

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dress My Soul (4) Bohgrecian Worksody

Bohemian top + Grecian sandals + Work outift =
Bohgrecian Worksody

Top - Ross
Skirt - Ross
Sandals - Ross
(notice a trend?)
Belt - Nordstrom Rack
Watch - Mom Gifted

Have you noticed that I buy a lot of stuff from Ross?
That's because I used to work for Ross!
I am a Rossaholic!

Before  my sister started working there I didn't even know such places existed. Then she started bringing home awesome junk for super cheap and we were all hooked! Then I got a job there after I graduated High School and stayed there for almost 4 years

Ross changed my life forever

I will never shop department store prices ever again!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hiking it up!

I went on a moderately challenging hike last Wednesday after work

It was amazing!

A great view of Los Angeles County

I went into it thinking it would just be a trial hike and that I was going to give up half way

But I am NO quitter!

Thanks to my coworker motivating me through the whole thing with

"you can do it"
"think positive"
"don't give up"
"I've been cleansing all week!"

I LOVE these white tree plants. They were all over the place!
As well as some singing and rapping
"I got a feelin'... that tonight's gonna be a good hike... that tonight's gonne be a good good hike"

"yellow model chick, yellow bottle sipping, yellow lamborghini...
look at me now... look at me now... I'm getting paper"

There were also a few
" oh sh*t"s
"what the H3LL am I doing?"

At one point I started to jog just to catch up to my coworker!
(I heard that wasn't the best thing to do)
Hey it worked for me!

I was very proud that I made it all the way up to our 3 mile destination

Once we reached the top we got a taste of history
Click here for the history

A piece of the railway or trolly

It was truly a great experience
I was planning on going every Wednesday but realized I have summer session at school
Monday through Wednesday baby (its okay its a 6 week course)
Hopefully I get my hiking bootay up there whenever I get the chance

Don't I look smashing in my holy pants?