Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dress My Soul (4) Bohgrecian Worksody

Bohemian top + Grecian sandals + Work outift =
Bohgrecian Worksody

Top - Ross
Skirt - Ross
Sandals - Ross
(notice a trend?)
Belt - Nordstrom Rack
Watch - Mom Gifted

Have you noticed that I buy a lot of stuff from Ross?
That's because I used to work for Ross!
I am a Rossaholic!

Before  my sister started working there I didn't even know such places existed. Then she started bringing home awesome junk for super cheap and we were all hooked! Then I got a job there after I graduated High School and stayed there for almost 4 years

Ross changed my life forever

I will never shop department store prices ever again!

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meijo's JOY said...

I finally find your blog! I was trying to trace all my followers' blog earlier and thanks for your recent comment which lead me to this awesome blog! And your photo in dress my soul (4) look so much alike Katherine honor to meet you! Love, PC