Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dress My Soul (5) Oh blue blazer...

Blazer - Thrifted
Shirt - Target
Skirt - Thrifted (Club Monaco)
Shoes - Ross
Microphone pin - Gifted
Necklace - Gifted (Tiffany's)
Watch - Gifted (Betsey Johnson)
Lets talk about my Blazer!
My blazer is another one of those amazing thrifting finds
It's navy/royal blue
Not really sure what the fabric is (reminds me of crushed velvet but not really)
It fits like a glove even though its a small (I wear a medium)

Its my perfect blazer!
I feel a poem coming on...

Oh blue blazer
I'm so glad I found you
you make my heart pitter patter
and never make me feel blue
Oh blue blazer
you pair nicely with most things
basically you go with everything
even my old stinky jeans
Oh blue blazer
what would I do
if I ever lost you you you? 

Enough of that!
Wow I never thought I would be so attached to this thing.
When I found it and first started to obsess over it I started looking for the brand online to see if I'd get lucky and snag another one just like it or in another color. That's how amazing it fits!
The brand is virtually unknown!

I gave up on my search...

One day when I have lots of moola dinero or some extra dough I'm going to have a seamstress make me one just like it. I will also probably need a bigger one someday when I get pregnant and then get plump and need a bigger size!

Oh p.s.
I'm sporting the Mexico flag for my love since it's been hanging on the porch because of all the
Mexico soccer games going on recently

A little bit of background:
  1. I am Mexican American born and raised in the United States (CA)
  2. I don't speak Spanish (although I've said a million times I need/want to learn)
  3. I eat beans and rice and all kinds of Mexican food
  4. I only know how to cook a few basic Mexican food dishes
    (chilaquiles, enchiladas, beans, I make a killer pan of rice, Tostadas, etc)
  5. I am Marrying a Mexican
  6. I enjoy listening to Mexican music (no, I can't understand it)
  7. I LOVE dancing to Mexican music (I'm pretty decent but not great!)

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