Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hiking it up!

I went on a moderately challenging hike last Wednesday after work

It was amazing!

A great view of Los Angeles County

I went into it thinking it would just be a trial hike and that I was going to give up half way

But I am NO quitter!

Thanks to my coworker motivating me through the whole thing with

"you can do it"
"think positive"
"don't give up"
"I've been cleansing all week!"

I LOVE these white tree plants. They were all over the place!
As well as some singing and rapping
"I got a feelin'... that tonight's gonna be a good hike... that tonight's gonne be a good good hike"

"yellow model chick, yellow bottle sipping, yellow lamborghini...
look at me now... look at me now... I'm getting paper"

There were also a few
" oh sh*t"s
"what the H3LL am I doing?"

At one point I started to jog just to catch up to my coworker!
(I heard that wasn't the best thing to do)
Hey it worked for me!

I was very proud that I made it all the way up to our 3 mile destination

Once we reached the top we got a taste of history
Click here for the history

A piece of the railway or trolly

It was truly a great experience
I was planning on going every Wednesday but realized I have summer session at school
Monday through Wednesday baby (its okay its a 6 week course)
Hopefully I get my hiking bootay up there whenever I get the chance

Don't I look smashing in my holy pants?

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