Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Burlap

I cannot wait to Marry the LOVE of my LIFE!

I wish my Wedding was THIS September instead of NEXT September

I'm just oober excited because all of my ideas are coming together
It's all in my noggin!

Not to give too much away but expect to see some hints of burlap on the big day

I am in love with the look and it goes perfect for what we have in mind

Here are a few inspiration boards I found



I'm in LOVE with it all!

What do you think?


Tjunkin said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the burlap!!! Im so excited for you september tooo!! hahahaha!!

Katie said...

I like the runners for sure and even as tie for the center pieces!

Nayra Guillermo said...

wow! i get so excited seeing your ideas love!

Disco Lemonade said...

OMG I love this look! I never would have thought in a million years to use burlap in a wedding, but it's so amazingly simple and pure and gorgeous!