Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dress My Soul (7)

 Back to school for Nicole starts tomorrow!

I LOVE this outfit!
Its my most favorite right now 


My cheeks look super chubby in this one! ARGH!

Abercrombie collared shirt - Thrifted
Old Navy Sweater - Thifted
Skinny Dickies pants - ROSS
Crocs - Chic's sporting goods tent sale
Nerd glasses necklace - Forever 21
Betsey Watch - Gifted

 I get all giddy when back-to-school time comes around... only because of back to school shopping! Except... as an adult I don't realllly have to do any back to school shopping if I don't need to... but I really have the urge to!!

We always went back to school shopping. I LOVED it! I loved buying my school clothes in the summer and waiting to wear them ALL the first week of school. Nothing like a nice new crisp t-shirt or sweater!

I liked it more when my Mom bought my clothes for me as a younger child. She picked out the cutest things! When I got older we would get an allowance and just buy what we wanted. I was always so terrible at it! I didn't know how to shop for myself at all! I would pick the wrong things or the wrong sizes or not try something on and never want to wear what I bought. I was pretty sucky at it!

I've gotten much better at it though! I pretty much know what looks good on me and what doesn't look good on me... what will last the longest... what good quality clothing should feel and look like. I know what colors I like and don't like... I know how to shop clearance and sale... and I am a thrift store shopping PRO!

That's all thanks to my Mamasita! I wouldn't know a dang thing about shopping and thrifting if it wasn't for her! Thank you Mommy!

Whether it was this week or last week... I hope everyone's back to school week has been great!

PS... the day I wore this outfit my wonderful Fiancee had dinner ready al fresco for us when I got home! He even put some rosebuds in a little vase for our lovely dinner. Here are the pictures.

Everything was DE-LISC!
Our cold Bud Light Michelada's were good too! Yum Yum!

Meet Virginia Design

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Mason Jar Chandalier Light

I am in L.O.V.E...

with this amazing mason jar chandalier



Taylor, the genius behind MaryJanes & Galoshes created this amazing piece of art.

Needless to say I will be assigning the groom and groomsmen to do this job! I showed Carlos last night and he was excited there was a tutorial included.

Put it on your list boys!

Check out Taylors Tutorial here

Taylor also has some other really great tutorials on her page.

Monday, August 22, 2011

50 followers giveaway winner winner!

Hello lovelies!

It's time to announce the winner of the Craft My Soul 50 followers giveaway!

Drum roll please....

And the winner according to Random.org list randomizer is

Thank you all for following my blog and participating in the giveaway!

I hope you like your accessories Rissa!
I will be emailing you soon!

For those of you who weren't the lucky winners,
I will be opening my Etsy shop very soon!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Headband Swap - Results pictures

The lovely Paige of Pink Lemonade hosted a Headband Swap and of course, I jumped at the opportunity to participate!

I was a little skeptical because in the past, I have been the victim of bad-swap-partner! Yes, it is true... they are out there! Oh well my main focus on swapping is to give someone something made from my heart without expectations. I like giving. I decided to give this swap a shot though.

Headbands received

This week I was pleasantly surprised to receive my headband package in the mail. I LOVE getting mail and packages... it's so much fun!

My swap partner and I decided to swap 2 headbands as we were feeling super creative! To my disbelief, I received not 1, not 2, but 4 items in my package! Amazing... I felt so special. The items were nicely secured in little plastic sandwich bags. Great touch!

This lovely lovely headband is my favorite! The top portion is embroidered. Nice details! Can't wait to sport this!

She also Crocheted 2 beautiful multipurpose headbands!
I could wear normal, bohemian, wrap it around my pony tail, or even use it as a bracelet!
You go girl!

Check out the beading details on this one!

She even made me a flower hair clip! Love love.

Oh yes and lets not forget the cute little card she included in the package!

Thanks Alyssa for sending me such gorgeous creations!
They are beautiful and I can tell that you put all your heart and soul into creating them.

Headbands sent

These just don't compare to what I received but I will share them anyway

I wrapped the headbands in some t-shirt fabric.
I figured it could be used for some jersey necklaces or a fringe jersey scarf
or for your next embroidery project!

Blue flower headband (her favorite color is blue)
She said she's been wearing it everyday!
This makes me feel sooo good to know that she's actually wearing it!

Lace button fabric flower stretch headband
This is my favorite. I've been really into lace lately.

Alyssa plans on wearing this when she's got a fancier event to attend!

Thanks Alyssa for being the BEST craft swap partner I have ever had!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

PRW - Episode 3

Episode 3
Stilts Challenge

Designers had to create a couture look for stilt walking models in teams of two
I actually thought the majority of designs were quite unappealing

I wasn't on the edge of my seat for this episode. Maybe the stilts made me feel awkward.

Quick recap on this ghastly episode

Laura & Ryan
Took the prize with this ravishing red number
It really was the most appealing submission
Go team!
Laura was given the win for the episode

Becky & Kimberly
Made a good team
They took both of their strengths and molded them together
Becky - Jacket, Kimberly - Slacks
I like it. That's all I can say.

Bert & Viktor
These two annoyed the crap out of me!
I think they are the main reason this episode sucked!
Not to mention their barfed up creation. Yack!

The rest of the designs made me want to barf!
Lets hope episode 4 pulls through!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

50 followers giveaway!

Craft My Soul has 50 followers!
Yay for CMS!

I feel that I have finally gotten into my own blogging groove!
In celebration of having 50 followers and finding my blogging groove,
I'm giving away some fun stuff!

This is my very first giveaway so I'm just going to do one little bundle of goodies that are handmade by me!

What's in the handmade by me bundle?

1 Handmade headband
1 Handmade broach
2 Handmade hair clips

To enter the giveaway you must follow Craft My Soul via Google Friend Connect

Mandatory: Leave a comment telling me what you enjoy seeing most on the Craft My Soul blog or what you'd like to see more of.

Extra entry: Share this giveaway post on your blog and include the link in your additional comment

Please remember to include an email address in all of your comments
(you may enter it as Jane doe [at] yahoo [dot] [com] for protection purposes)

Deadline to enter the giveaway is Saturday, August 20th at 5:00 pm pacific standard time

Winner will be drawn via random.org and announced/posted Monday, August 22nd

Thanks for reading!

Wedding Wednesday - My furniture finds

Its funny how a couple of the first items I purchase for the wedding are for the dessert table!

I have a huge small sweet tooth! Mostly for candy!
Carlos likes cakes and cookies and stuff like that!

Guess what?

I found my perfect table!

When I began researching these tables I discovered the following:

  • Three tiered round wooden tables are hard to find
  •  Three tiered wooden tables are listed for $150 or more
  • I would have to get really lucky to find one within budget
Well... guess what?

I got lucky!

I was checking craigslist everyday for one...

Someone had one listed for sale on a Friday for $65 but it was in Riverside about 40 miles away. I couldn't make it that evening but luckily she was having a yard sale the next day and told me to come on down before the yard sale and she would hold it. Luckily, I didn't have plans the next morning!! Carlos was busy so my Mommy offered to go with me because she really wanted me to be able to carry out this idea and didn't want me going alone. We left super early to be there at 7:30 am. The table was there in its rustic glory! Beautiful and in impeccable shape! Of course, I bought it from her and because she held it for me, I gave her an extra 10$ bucks!

Here is my beautiful three tiered wooden table
It even has a pie crust edging!!! (my favorite part)

I also found this lovely piece of wonderfulness!
It may seem to be a potted plant holder...
but once I am done with it
Its rightful title on this earth will be a

Candy Jar holder!

Yup yup... you're going to see yummy-licious candies on that thing!

I can't wait!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stache Party + Tutorial

I heard it through the grapevine from Amanda of Joy in the Jumble that Stephanie of My Lil Pumpkin Patch is hosting a Stache Party! They're on a mission to de-stache their well... craft stash!

I have the same problem which is why I am trying my darnedest not to buy anything craft related until I de-stache a little (really I need to de-stache a lot a lot a lot!). I have a whole plastic bin of clothing I planned on reconstructing but haven't even completed 5% of it!

I bought this bat type shirt the other day at DD's discounts. It is an awesome shirt... especially when you're feeling like a stuffed sausage! Over the weekend I was feeling creative so I decided that I wanted to try and make one. I grabbed this fabric that I have had for a couple years and never used. I don't know what the material is... its a stretchy loose kind. See below for the tutorial


Sewing Machine

1. Fold your fabric with right sides facing each other
2. Draw a half circle where the straight part of the half circle should be where the fold is
I traced the shirt I bought from DD's
If you don't have one, you're just going to sketch a half circle your with preferred measurements
Remember to leave room for hemming if you're going to do that

3. Cut out the half circle you drew and be sure not to split the fold in half

Optional: Hem the entire circle

4. Trace a round neckline as you prefer
The larger the neckline, the more the bat shirt will hang off your shoulder
I like having the option so I cut just enough to keep it on and just enough to let it hang if I wanted it to.
If you'll notice from my original top, the neckline was longer in the front and shorter in the back

I cut the smaller line through both sides and the longer line only in the front

5. Draw a diaganol line starting at the middle of the neck line to the outer edge of each side.
This line will be your sleeve size.
The size of the sleeve is your preference.

6. I don't have pictures but next you will cut out your neckline first
(hemming it is optional... I opted not to hem it)

7. Turn garment right side out and fold over at neckline

8. Sew the sleeve line starting at the edge of the half circle up to about about 6 inches before the neckline
Your arm will go through that hole
Remember to back stitch and lock and double stitch if you'd like

9. Put it on and rock your bat shirt! Kinda like me but less dorky if you can help it!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!
Feel free to ask questions if you'd like in the comments section.
Tutorials are not my forte.

I'll be posting some more de-stache party creations soon!

Don't forget to join the Stache Party and send your photo's and posts to My Lil Pumpkin Patch

PRW - Episode 2 Unconventional

Episode 2

The designers were taken to a pet store for the unconventional materials challenge

Anthony Ryan should have won!
Point blank period!

While I think his materials combination was really chic-looking,
Olivier used a dog bed for the top (AKA conventional type fabric)
Don't the judges frown on that?
Apparently not for him because he's just so cute and cuddly looking
and took the win for episode 2!

I'm going to get really tired of Anya's design style. 

Bert has no drive!
If I were selected out of hundreds of thousands of people,
I would strive to kick @$$ on every challenge regardless of my immunity.
Lazy Lazy Lazy!
I don't even know how to make clothes and I can whip up something like that easily!

In the end senor Joshua got the boot with his puppy umbrella top