Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stache Party + Tutorial

I heard it through the grapevine from Amanda of Joy in the Jumble that Stephanie of My Lil Pumpkin Patch is hosting a Stache Party! They're on a mission to de-stache their well... craft stash!

I have the same problem which is why I am trying my darnedest not to buy anything craft related until I de-stache a little (really I need to de-stache a lot a lot a lot!). I have a whole plastic bin of clothing I planned on reconstructing but haven't even completed 5% of it!

I bought this bat type shirt the other day at DD's discounts. It is an awesome shirt... especially when you're feeling like a stuffed sausage! Over the weekend I was feeling creative so I decided that I wanted to try and make one. I grabbed this fabric that I have had for a couple years and never used. I don't know what the material is... its a stretchy loose kind. See below for the tutorial


Sewing Machine

1. Fold your fabric with right sides facing each other
2. Draw a half circle where the straight part of the half circle should be where the fold is
I traced the shirt I bought from DD's
If you don't have one, you're just going to sketch a half circle your with preferred measurements
Remember to leave room for hemming if you're going to do that

3. Cut out the half circle you drew and be sure not to split the fold in half

Optional: Hem the entire circle

4. Trace a round neckline as you prefer
The larger the neckline, the more the bat shirt will hang off your shoulder
I like having the option so I cut just enough to keep it on and just enough to let it hang if I wanted it to.
If you'll notice from my original top, the neckline was longer in the front and shorter in the back

I cut the smaller line through both sides and the longer line only in the front

5. Draw a diaganol line starting at the middle of the neck line to the outer edge of each side.
This line will be your sleeve size.
The size of the sleeve is your preference.

6. I don't have pictures but next you will cut out your neckline first
(hemming it is optional... I opted not to hem it)

7. Turn garment right side out and fold over at neckline

8. Sew the sleeve line starting at the edge of the half circle up to about about 6 inches before the neckline
Your arm will go through that hole
Remember to back stitch and lock and double stitch if you'd like

9. Put it on and rock your bat shirt! Kinda like me but less dorky if you can help it!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!
Feel free to ask questions if you'd like in the comments section.
Tutorials are not my forte.

I'll be posting some more de-stache party creations soon!

Don't forget to join the Stache Party and send your photo's and posts to My Lil Pumpkin Patch


Married Away said...

AHHH! So cute!!!!! I am so going to try this

Alyssa - Live, Love, Craft said...

I love it! So cute!

Beverly Houpt said...


Purpledragon007 said...

Oh! This is soo CUTE! I can't wait to try it. (:

Ren said...

I have a huge stash of fabric I'm definitely going to try this! What a cute shirt! Thanks for a cute tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just wanted to stop by and say thanks so much for joining the Stache Party in August and sharing your creativity with everyone! I hope you'll come back in September!

Betsy J said...

So cute! I love those types of tops, I need to make one!