Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PRW - Episode 1 ... Oldy but Goody!

Thursday after work I was able to sit down and watch the
First look special and Episode 1 of Project Runway!!!

There are a few contestants I'm now on the fence about and there are a couple I totally misunderstood in my intitial judgement

Episode 1
The competitors were awakened from deep sleep and forced to go to the studio in their nightware and 1 of their bedsheets

The challenge was to make a garment using only what they came in with and the bedsheet. They were given embellishments such as feathers and lace and were provided with Rit Dye's as well.

Here are my favorite highlights

Turns out some of Anya's work in her portfolio was designed by her but not sewn by her. She had only been sewing for 4 months before auditioning for the show. She pulled of making her first pair of trousers but struggled through the process. She managed to impress the judges despite her lack of experience

Bert is the sweetest thing! This 50-something year old man is making his come back to the Fashion Industry after like a 20 year break. He is my Oldy but Goody! He dazzled me with this dress he made out of his checkered orange boxers and his bedsheet. I'm rooting for Bert to make his mark on his return to fashion! By the way, he won the first challenge and has immunity in the next challenge! Go Bert!

I was sad that Julie barfed out this monstrosity! Her portfolio was so unique and fashion forward. I actually think I had a pair of pants like this in Freshman year in high school (that was 8 years ago) It was a disadvantage that she slept in those kiddie pajama's. Herendous!

I am in love with this outfit Anthony Ryan whipped up! I have a thing for lace lately. The skirt is a little mini-ish for me but the top embellishment is my kind of craftiness! Pleasant surprise!

Danielle has a poor attitude. I realize its just the competitor in her but she seemed so sweet until she only Qualified to move onto the next round. She was NOT happy to say the least Very soar loser. Not a fan!

Cecilia just plain scares me!!!
She is quite an intimidating woman.

 None of the other designers have gotten my attention yet
But you never know what each episode has in store!

Stay tuned!

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have to catch up on my missed episode!! love your recap.