Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PRW - Episode 2 Unconventional

Episode 2

The designers were taken to a pet store for the unconventional materials challenge

Anthony Ryan should have won!
Point blank period!

While I think his materials combination was really chic-looking,
Olivier used a dog bed for the top (AKA conventional type fabric)
Don't the judges frown on that?
Apparently not for him because he's just so cute and cuddly looking
and took the win for episode 2!

I'm going to get really tired of Anya's design style. 

Bert has no drive!
If I were selected out of hundreds of thousands of people,
I would strive to kick @$$ on every challenge regardless of my immunity.
Lazy Lazy Lazy!
I don't even know how to make clothes and I can whip up something like that easily!

In the end senor Joshua got the boot with his puppy umbrella top

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