Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Covered Canvas *Tutorial*

Remember this post about the pretty picture?

I promised a tutorial so here it is


Old (or new) Canvas
Pretty fabric of choice
Staple Gun
Foam batting
(I used an old Ironing board cover)
Glue gun (if needed)

This was a painting I did when Carlos and I moved into our first place.
I needed some art so a friend helped me create it and taught me how to use acrylic paint.
It's not really my style anymore so I've been saving it for a project.

Step 1

Cut your foam batting to fold slightly over the canvas

Step 2

Place batting on top of canvas and flip over.
fold edge of batting over back of canvas and staple around.
Be sure to staple it tightly over the canvas.

Step 3

I was limited on the amount of batting I had.
Some of the pieces did not fold over all the way AND I had to cut my batting in half.

Glue Gun!

I glued the two pieces together and glued any parts that didn't make it under the staple gun

Step 4
Staple Pretty Fabric

Lay your pretty fabric face-down
Place covered canvas face-down on top of it, fold over, and staple the edges as you did the batting

Step 5

Customize your covered canvas by pinning pictures, jewelry or notes.
I placed a textured frame over it and pinned the Sister picture to the canvas

The good thing about this is when you get tired of your fabric you can replace it with new fabric.

Canvases are so great to have around for projects like this.

I also like to find them when they are on sale and keep them on-hand for decoupage birthday presents.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

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