Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Facts

I like learning new and sometimes interesting things about people

Rebecca with an R is onto something

I decided I'm going to try to participate in Little Facts every Wednesday

See bottom for Little Facts about me

Colors: Pink and white are my favorite colors (well white is not a color but I love white) I'm very attracted to pink but I don't wear much pink clothing. I can sport white all the time. It goes with everything! Nothing better than a new crsip white t-shirt or blouse too.

Candy: I love chewey, fruity candy. Starbursts are my favorite. Anything fruity and chewey really. Not a huge chocolate fan but I like twix occassionally. Oh and lemon flavored chewey candy is my favorite. I have a thing for lemon flavored candy.

Marshmallows: I have this obsession with microwaving marshmallows. Carlos loaths my obsession. It really bugs him for some reason. Trust me people it's amazing! The marshmallows basically carmalize and makes for an exceptionally yummy messy treat. It's a little out there but I love it!

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rebecca said...

I'm a chocolate fan myself, but I think Starbursts are definitely the best chewy candy!

Your blog is so darling! Thanks for linking up!

Lorraine said...

I'm a HUGE chocolate fan. I don't know if we can be friends. Or, maybe this means I never have to share my chocolate with you, so we can be best friends!

I'm glad that worked out.