Friday, October 7, 2011

Pinned: Halloween Costume Ideas

There are so many cool ideas out there. I like to try and think outside the box but I always turn to the world wide web for new ideas. This time I turned to my new favorite website Pinterest! Here is what I pinned. You can find my pins here.


Sushi? Anyday, Anytime... when I have cash flow.
No cash flow for a while though... major wedding saving for the next 8 months! Yikes!


Boobies!!!! This is the 2nd coolest couples costume I've seen lately.
Not to mention easy and cheap to pull off (pun intended!)


Owls are in! Dontcha know?!? And this one is sooooo cute! If I didn't have other secret plans for a costume I would definitely whip up an owl costume for myself!


SupermanNicole to the rescue! What a great cheap and easy idea from Martha! You could totally make a superhero costume for your Pajamas or from that shiny pair of leggins you never wear!
(I have 2 of them... 1 gold and 1 black... saving them for something... I KNOW it!)


I'm not a big reader but this book fairy is super cute and cheap and did I mention adorable?

THEEE best costume ever right now at this very moment is below...


Yes... you see right... none other than

The hottest & smartest serial killer out there.

Get the tutorial Here at GENIABEME

Lets just say I have some ideas looming!

Hope you liked these fun creative options!
Let me know if you sport any of these this Halloween!
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Stylishly Blissfully Ever After with MiMi said...

Can't wait to see your crafty ideas :-). Love these options. fun, fun, fun!!

Eugenia said...

Hi!! Yay! thats my Dexter Victim costume :) Do you mind linking me?! The tutorial will be up tonight at!

It was so cool to see my pic on your blog! Following now!