Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Mason Jars

I was reminded yesterday by my good friend Katie of Delightfully Decorative blog that I need to do another Wedding Wednesday post. Not in those words exactly but she mentioned that she loves to stop by the blog and see new WW posts. How horrible of me that a devoted reader and supportive friend stops by my blog to read new Wedding Wednesday posts and there is nothing new to read! I am ashamed...

I have discussed Mason Jars just a little on Wedding Wednesdays... so since Mason Jars have been on my mind I will expand on the subject.

Here is why I love Mason Jars

- They're sturdy
- They're multi-use items
- They're super cute
- They're super country

Here are just a few inspiration pictures I pinned.



I'm always on craigslist now looking for used Mason Jars and other Wedding materials (for cheap). I came across a locally posted offer for a bundle of Quart-sized Mason Jars a few weeks ago and pounced on the opportunity! It took me and the seller a couple weeks to finally get together to negotiate but we finally managed to do it. She was amazing not to mention super cool and I thank the Lord I found her! Oh and she's also part of a wedding coordinator/design duo! Oh and she also used mason jars for her recent wedding. Tubular!

If you're in the market for a wedding coordinator/design team hit them up on their blog. I may just be hitting them up for some wedding stuff too.