Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: BOOZE Calculator

Yes, I will be serving booze (and beer and wine) at my wedding.

Yes, I drink; Socially.

I don't even think I have any friends and family who don't drink. Especially at special events.

I was surfing random wedding blogs and I came across this lovely gal Ashley of Eleven Twenty Five Eleven .

She posted a couple event Booze Calculator sites on this post.

There is this Alcohol Calculator

You can only select 100, 200 or 300. Nothing in between. However, you can change the number of beer, alcohol, and wine drinkers. You can also change the size of the drinks as well as the cost of a case of beer, a bottle of booze, or a bottle of wine. (really though... I don't know how many of my guests are beer, wine or booze drinkers. I would literally have to go down the guest list and make an educated guess)

Pros: Gives you an estimated cost
Cons: Doesn't break it down much further
Then there is the REAL SIMPLE Booze calculator (okay, it's really called Wedding Wine and Liquor Calculator)

I like this one because it gives you a break down of the whole shabang... except for an estimated cost.

Pros: Breakdown of detailed booze
Cons: No estimated cost

So I think I'll just make some more educated guesses while following the results guidelines from these two sites.

Does anyone have anymore good BOOZE calculators you would recommend?
Or have any advice for how you calculated BOOZE, wine and beer for your wedding or event?

Please let a sista know... pwetty pwease.

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