Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentine's Craft Swap CREATION

I figured I could try and get this posted before February ends... Even though I really don't want to... 
I'm proud of my work but not about the situation.

I sent this lovely crafty creation to my craft swap partner for the Valentine's craft swap
See original swap information here

I took a plastic DKNY Be Delicious box I wasn't using and turned it into a fancy storage container
See the bright "Be Delicious" green?

(Front and top view)
I used scrap book paper
Black ribbon for the heart(s) lining
Blue Lace
The silver hearts are old earrings

(A little bit of detail)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Heels

This is kind of random but I was just thinking about fuschia heels the other day and decided to do a Google search for fuschia heels.

I'm planning on sporting fuschia heels under my will-be-fabulous wedding dress

Here is what I found...

I'm sure none of these will be available when I actually decide to buy heels for the Wedding but this is just what I'm going for...

These Unlisted Kenneth Cole Heels from Zappos
On Sale for $47.20
*maybe I should consider buying them now...*

These lovely brighter pink heels from
A little steeper at $90.00

Alrighty I know I said Fuschia but these glittery shoes are To-Die-For! I LOVE me some glitter!
The good thing about these is that the lining and the heel is PINK! Whoo hoo!
I wonder if I could make a moc-up of these... because I wouldn't spend $325 on heels even if I HAD the money to!
Knowing me... I would probably make a mess out of attempting to try!
 That's all I can find for now... Maybe fuschia isn't in season right now!
It better be when I get married!
Muah Ha Ha!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wedding Wednesday

If you read my blog you probably know that I don't stick to what I say I'm going to do... how terrible of me, I know!

Such as these...

Undiscovered Thursdays... I really tried keeping up with these posts, and while I enjoyed showing off new and undiscovered etsy stores, I think I ovwhelmed myself...

What I love Wednesdays was a bust! I only did like one posting (I think) and never looked back! I get distracted easily! Can you tell??

So in an attempt to keep my readers entertained weekly (at least once a week) and gather new ones I've come up with yet another weekly posting that I may or may not keep up... But lets think positive here!
I will prevail!

Next on the agenda...

Wedding Wednesday

Since I'm getting hitched in less than 19 months I've been surfing and turfing the web for wedding junk everywhere!

The list includes...

DIY (major)
Bridesmaid looks
Groomsmen looks
Dessert Tables
Ceremony Backdrops
You get the point

Since I kinda already know what I'm going for over the next 19 months I will attempt to give you sneak peaks of my wedding style, colors, etc etc. I'm not trying to ruin the element of surprise but not very many friends and family member's read my posts. Too bad for them!

Looking forward to next weeks first Wedding Wednesday post!

Here's a glimpse...


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I've been crafting

Hello all you lovely's out there!

Just wanted to catch you up on what I've been crafting lately...

I made this decoupaged canvas for my childhood BF's son for his 1st Birthday!
This will be my second time doing a paper craft and I must say... I like it a lot!
Got my hands all stickied up with modge podge and vuala!
He's a cute kid huh?

My awesome marker card making!
Made this for my little cousins's Birthday.
Not bad for a whole 10 minutes! Yesssss!
p.s. That's a gift card on the left

Shout out alert!

I created this masterpiece for my Mommy for her Birthday
(along with a gift card to Tiffani's of course!)
She EVEN wore it around the office!
I got a compliment from a coworker too!
Isn't that just dandy? I think so...

And I made this little number for myself or maybe as a gift... who knows!

I used some old scrappy scraps for both of the bib necklaces

More to come... hopefully a tutorial as promised... yikes!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Help... need tips on tutorials!

Hey bloggers and readers out there!

I need your help!

I've been creating and crafting and getting crazy with it and I am finding it difficult to document everything in order to create a tutorial!

I only have two hands and when I craft no one is around to help me take pictures... I try to but it doesn't work out and it ends up taking me FOR-E-VER to finish the project.

I'm just so frustrated that I can't share my craftiness with everyone! FRUSTRATED!

Please help. Does anyone have any tips for creating a craft tutorial by yourself? How do you talented beings do it? I must know!

Thanks a bunchers ahead of time!