Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years... hopefuls

I'm not a fan of resolutions because I feel like I'm setting myself up for failure.
Sometimes when I say things aloud, they don't happen or I never make them happen.
So I would rather call them New Years Hopefuls... As in... I am hopefuly to complete all of these tasks this year.


I already posted my first "hopeful" on Facebook and got a slew of comments from my friends. Funny group of friends I have.

1. Only spend money on our wedding. Save save save. It's crunch time!!! Sorry I might be a hermit for at least 7 months. Don't feel offended if I can't make it to a Birthday or special event.

I received responses like "you better make it to my Birthday" and "you gotta do what you gotta do". Trust me people, I would love nothing more than to be at everyone's Birthdays and special events but the cost of dinners and clubs all add up. There are going to be certain exceptions but for the most part I'm sticking to this!


2. Blog more. I hope I make time with all the wedding planning. I MUST keep you all updated on the progress.


3. Roll out the Craft My Soul Etsy shop. This will be a challenge with Wedding stuff in-progress but I need to make some cold hard cash on the side somehow. My wedding won't pay for itself. So while I'm being a hermit, I can craft and destache... which leads me to my next resolution.

I would like to get these books for my Adventure!

4. De-stash, De-stash, De-stash! I have a whole plastic bin of clothing to reconstruct and piles of fabric to make pretty things with. I must sew away and reduce my craft-stash!

I don't have nearly as much as these crazy crafters!
5. Eat better. No, not work-out more. No, not go on a diet. Just eat better. Limit fast food, buy more greens and whole wheat stuff and eat more fish and fiber. That's it!


I really hope I get these hopefuls done. Some minor and some major; but all necessary!

Do you have any awesome "hopefuls" that are craft related or out-of-the-ordinary? Share them with me.

Happy New Year everyone.

I love you!

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