Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MUST READ: "Taking the fun" out of Pinterest

I discovered this lovely blog today,oh hello, lovely, and came across this article on one of her blog posts

Why I tearfully deleted my Pinterest inspirations boards

This is a must-read if you have any fear of copyright lawsuits or being sued for sharing (pinning) something you like on Pinterest.

Everyone should really go back and refer to Pinterests terms of use, since I know many people don't even read terms of use agreements. I know I don't.

I'm seriously considering deleted my inspirations boards.

*Major Sad Face*

Hope it's useful!


Serena said...

This is seriously depressing. I am completely obsessed with pinterest, and I'll be super bummed out if I have to delete my boards. Thanks for sharing though.

La Bouilloire Noire said...

Someone posted a picture from my blog on pinterest which I only found out about because that person was nice enough to link my blog to the picture and someone left a comment that that was how they found me. It made me feel very uncomfortable knowing that someone had put a picture of me out there on the internet like that without any idea of where it went or who saw it. That being said, I know that the picture that was taken has been used on other sites as it was for a dress tutorial that has been translated into several different languages and passed around all over. (I guess people really liked that damn dress). Lol! Anyhow, I'm not really a fan of pinterest and only use it occassionally to search for old regency fashion plates which by now are way out of their copyright date and are fair game to anyone.

Charlene said...

I've read this recently on lots of blogs. It does make sense though, but oh, how sad! I may have to tearfully delete some of mine :( Found your blog via it! new follower here :)