Tuesday, March 20, 2012

May the luck of the Irish... make you cry of laughter and call you a fetus!

Well... I don't know if he's Irish but we laughed our butts off on St. Patricks Day!

Actually... it was my good friend Sue Sue's Birthday gathering AND it just so happened to be St. Patricks Day also! Killing two birds with one stone is ideal.

Me and her hubs were brainstorming Birthday ideas for her and I thought a comedy club would be fun... so I checked to see who was headlining at the Brea Improv. It just so happened that Craig Shoemaker was scheduled to perform. I was SUPER excited!!! We were all super freaking excited!

Craig Shoemaker did not let us down. He was absolutely hysterical. I was on the verge of tears more than once! I can't tell you how ecstatic I was that he did The Love Master set AND the Machine Gun Set. But... right as he started the Love Master bit, I had to freaking pee! He even called me and my friend out for getting up to go. That's what I was trying to avoid... nothing like having to pee sooo bad while trying to avoid confrontation from the comedian. That's what I get for sucking down three captain and cokes in an hour!

Mi Amor

Mi Bestie

The Birthday Girl and her hubs

Miss Lily and my Bestie

We were able to take pictures with him and meet him and greet him... and the BEST part of the whole thing is when he called me a Fetus! LOVED it! Craig Shoemaker called me a fetus. Annnnddd.... he asked me if my glasses were shatterproof! If you've seen the Love Master, you understand why.

Of course I'm the only one actually wearing bright green for St. Patrick's Day

I think that's the most fun I have ever had on St. Patricks day. It really beats standing in line to get into a crowded bar for $30 a head! Laughter really is the absolute BEST medicine! I got like 50% healthier Saturday night. If only laughter helped us lose weight.... I can dream.

Since I'm dreaming... I wish I could get a massage everyday. Massage aides in weight loss... amongst other things. Did you know that? Oh you didnt? I will expand on that subject in another post.
Until then... have a lovely day readers!

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