Monday, March 19, 2012

Mustache Mania!

I have been a bad bad blogger ... sometimes I forget that I can blog about whatever I want. I forget to just post everyday happenings and weekend events. So I'll be posting a few this week. Yay!

First up and LONG over due. (a whole month!)

My Besties Birthday Bash!

She wanted a mustach themed shin dig. We went mustache crazy and we helped her (a little) create a fun night. I LOVE themed parties... they give new meaning to house parties.

We went crazy with the decorations even though the bulk of the event was outside.

Isn't this guy just so handsome?
oh my goodness I just want to hug the heck out of him!
(amongst other things *wink*)

Here are a few of my favorite "photo booth" photo's.

Me and My Bestie!

Me and my Sissy!

Sue Sue, Tori and Me!

Me and the love of my life!

Sue Sue, Bestie, and Me!

Sissy, Me, and Bestie!

Sue Sue and her hubs

Me and Sue Sue

Some of the girly girls!

Group Photo!

Well it was a fun evening... errrr... for the most part.
With every house party comes just a little drama.
We won't go into that though!


Tracy said...

These decorations look so good! I love the rainbow polka dotted background

katherine said...

awh!! that looks like so much fun.

Amanda said...

This is adorable! My birthday is coming up and I've been wanting to do a mustache party as well! Very cute!

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

haha this so cute, looks like fun too :)